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We invite you to look around and take advantage of the many resources provided for event, wedding and meeting planners, inflatable games and amusement rental company owners, event suppliers and more. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have and be sure to come back often as the EPA site is updated continually.

Who We Are

The Event Planners Association is the national trade association for professionals in the event and amusement industries, which includes professional meeting planners, event and wedding planners, inflatable games and amusement rental companies, florists, caterers, DJ's, entertainers, venues and more. The EPA provides a unique support system for independent business owners as members benefit from the EPA’s in-house law firm, in-house insurance agency, marketing specialists, professional certifications, local networking opportunities, continuing education, affinity programs and regulatory support. Our mission is to provide the foundational elements of a successful business and facilitate the highest standards of excellence and professionalism.

The EPA also acts as a resource to the public as an educator and source of ethical, reliable, and competent business professionals for hire in the event planning and amusement industries.

Why Join?

One of the greatest resources for professional and personal development is the connection between professionals in the same industry. Access to other’s experiences and knowledge allows members to broaden their insights, solve challenges and develop innovative ways to build businesses.

Independent business owners often feel isolated and lonely. An EPA member is not alone and receives the support and encouragement needed to build his or her business on a strong foundation.

Why Hire an EPA Member?

All EPA members, such as event, wedding and meeting planners, amusement rental and inflatables industry members and others, must abide by the strict EPA Code of Ethics which requires ethical, reliable and competent conduct. EPA members have access to safety standards, certifications, proper legal contracts and insurance, enabling them to confidently provide the very best products and services available. Whether our members are event, wedding and meeting planners, inflatable games and amusement rental industry members or event suppliers; they will continue to strive for excellence and the utmost professionalism.