Safety Guidelines & Regulations

The Event Planners Association is dedicated to providing timely and topical information that will enable you to operate your business in a successful and safe manner. As a member of the Event Planners Association, you will have full access to amusement safety and operating guidelines for ride safety provided by our in-house amusement safety and compliance department. These amusement safety guidelines are targeted specifically to the professions, events, games and apparatus that our Association extends to.


Our amusement safety, ride safety and regulatory issues section is updated regularly to provide our members with the latest operating guidelines, ride safety information and other issues facing every facet of the event industries. As a member of the Event Planners Association you will be able to access and implement this information to help your business grow and operate in the safest and most profitable manner possible.


In addition, the Event Planners Association provides its amusement and inflatable industry members with an equipment specific online safety training and testing series. These product specific amusement safety training tests help to insure that our members have a general awareness of the safety issues surrounding amusement devices and inflatable operations, as well as the importance of special liability insurance. The Association works closely with the major product manufacturers, the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, our engineering staff; as well as our own members, which consist of over 4,000 companies in the event and entertainment industries nationwide, in the design, implementation, and updating of the Event Planners Association safety program.