Amusement Safety

Safe operations, affordable liability insurance rental and industry regulations are primary concerns for the amusement rental industry. While each concern is an entity unto itself, they are all interdependent, with each affecting the others. Safe operations through effective amusement training lead to lower insurance rates and those good risk management practices in turn lead to better regulatory requirements. The Event Planners Association has taken a role in each of the three major areas of concern for the amusement rental industry in providing amusement training.



Safe Operations


The EPA Amusement Operator’s Safety Certification amusement training is a comprehensive, equipment specific safety program designed to provide operators and their employees with a thorough understanding of best risk management practices. This online amusement training program is available to members and non-members and warrants discounts on liability insurance rental and insurance for event premiums from major carriers.



Affordable Insurance


The EPA continues to work closely with key members of the insurance community to ensure comprehensive liability insurance rental is available to members of the amusement and event industries at an affordable price. EPA members enjoy premium discounts from major carriers.



Industry Regulations


Many states have already imposed or are thinking about imposing fees, inspection requirements and legislation on the amusement industry. In some cases they are simply looking to create a revenue stream while others have a sincere desire to improve public safety. Industry accidents, which serve to put a spotlight on potential issues, can often be avoided through the utilization of proper risk management techniques.


The EPA is currently developing an advisory council made up of amusement rental owner/operators. This council will represent a cross section of the U.S. and will work with local chapters and the EPA to address concerns at the local and state level.



Take these steps to improve your company’s risk management program:


  1. Become a Safety Certified Operator and require amusement training/certification of your employees.

  3. Carry appropriate insurance that meets or exceeds your state’s requirements.

  5. Join or start a local EPA Chapter. Get your voice heard by becoming an active member of your community. Legislative change starts at the local level.



The EPA is proud to offer a safety program specifically designed for operators and their employees. To learn more about the EPA Amusement Operators Safety Certification (EPA AOSC) program, please click here.