The EPA Vision


The Event Planners Association has created a unique support system for event and amusement professionals by providing the foundation for a successful business, which encompasses education, certification, networking, legal assistance, insurance, internet marketing and regulatory support, while maintaining and facilitating the highest standards of excellence and professionalism.



The Role of Local Chapters


Chapters provide a forum for growth and event planner career development of members and a resource for the public in identifying and connecting with reliable, ethical and competent event professionals.


Chapters are organized around a group of EPA members who live or work in a particular geographical area. They may also be organized around the industries represented by the EPA (Event Planning or Amusement, including those in the inflatable bounce rental industry).


Local chapters plan and conduct innovative activities tailored to local needs, but are designed to accomplish the Association’s overall purpose and objectives of furthering event related industries.



EPA Chapter Objectives


Chapters provide a forum for the growth and event planner career development of member professionals and a resource for the public in identifying and connecting with reliable, ethical and competent professional event planners.


  1. Continually raise the level of professionalism in the events industry.
  2. Provide an effective networking environment for EPA members.
  3. Provide a local forum for continuing education.
  4. Provide a mentor/intern program for new professionals.
  5. Create a local resource for event professionals from B2B and B2C perspectives.
  6. Provide philanthropic opportunities for members.
  7. Provide opportunities for local venues to showcase their properties.
  8. Grow EPA Chapter membership.



Benefits Provided by Local EPA Chapters


A local EPA Chapter provides a number of benefits to its professional event planners and amusement members.


  • A Platform for Networking


    One of the greatest resources for professional event planner career and personal development is the connection between professional event planners and amusement professionals in the same industry. Access to other’s experiences and knowledge will allow members to broaden their insights, solve challenges and develop innovative ways to build businesses. The relationships formed through networking can be long-lasting and fulfilling from a personal and professional perspective.


  • Professional Development


    Chapter meetings and activities allow members to expand their knowledge base. Chapters bring educational opportunities closer to home and provide a bridge between the programs offered at the national level. Mentoring and intern programs are encouraged at the chapter level to further build event planner careers.


  • Provide a Local Resource


    Local chapters are designed to be a resource for members. This exchange of referrals, goods and services among members creates a thriving business environment. Chapters are also intended to be a public resource for reliable, ethical and competent event professionals.


  • Trade Credibility


    Trade association membership provides credibility in the eyes of a client. Involvement in a local chapter provides credibility among industry peers. This activity indicates a business owner’s commitment to their company, their event planner career and the industry as a whole.



Get More Information


The Event Planners Association is excited to offer local networking opportunities to event professionals throughout the world. For more information please contact the EPA at 866-380-3372 or email