Meeting Planners

Meeting planners, professional meeting planners also known as corporate meeting planners, coordinate meetings, events, conferences, seminars and other gatherings. The meetings professional meeting planners plan range from simple and small to large and complex. Independent professional meeting planners most often come out of the corporate world where planning was part of his or her job responsibilities. Once on their own however, an event professional must also have business acumen to be as successful as a business owner.


Event Planners Association membership for professional meeting planners provides the foundational elements needed for a successful business. Proper legal agreements, liability insurance, risk management practices and business structure all contribute to the viability of a business. Continuing education strengthens areas where knowledge is needed.


The EPA also provides professional meeting planners the support system needed for personal and professional growth. One of the greatest resources for corporate meeting planners’ professional and personal development is the connection between professionals in the same industry. Access to other corporate meeting planners’ experiences and knowledge will allow members to broaden their insights, solve challenges and develop innovative ways to build businesses. The relationships formed through networking can be long-lasting and fulfilling from a personal and professional perspective.


Our goal is to give members the opportunity to work together. Event professionals typically work in clusters or teams with those they know, like and trust. EPA membership is much more than being part of a meeting planner association. EPA membership facilitates this symbiotic relationship through local chapters and the soon to be released membership directory designed to build your client base.