Mechanical Bulls

Since the heyday of Gilley’s and Urban Cowboy, consumers looking to hire mechanical bull or rent mechanical bull have continued to gain popularity. Typically used in a pay-per-use format, mechanical bulls are commonly found at fairs, bars and events of all kinds.


Whereas rental inflatables are manufactured by many, many different companies, mechanical bulls in the U.S. are built by just a handful of companies. Though the basic principle is the same, renting a mechanical bull can be very different. The biggest differences revolve around safety features. It is advisable to check with the EPA or your insurance agent prior to purchasing a bull as all bulls are not created equal and the cost of your liability insurance will reflect this.


The Event Planners Association works with owner/operators to help them build their companies on a solid foundation for success. The EPA assists with risk management issues including liability waivers, rental agreements, insurance and risk management best practices.


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