5 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid as a Corporate Event Planner

Are you wondering what NOT to do when planning a successful corporate event? Corporate events have a lot at stake. It is important to spend some time learning about how you can avoid some common mistakes.

Here is a list of 5 of these common mistakes:

  1. Not Realizing that Corporate Events Are Different

Most corporate event planners would have started as a wedding or party planner. While a lot of the concepts are the same, there are some further considerations when planning corporate events.

Corporate events are usually events to launch or promote a company’s brand. Thus, the company’s reputation is at stake. So take the time and resources to ensure that the content, budget, and marketing are tailored appropriately.

On the other hand, make sure you do your research to determine a fair price to charge. Don’t undersell yourself because you are used to doing other types of events. Set the expectation of quality, work hard to deliver it and ask for the right compensation.

  1. Not Delegating

It is very understandable if you are skimping on adding any extra help so you are still within budget. It is also understandable that you want to be aware of how things are progressing so you are trying to manage it all.

But if you don’t delegate, you could end up with a bigger problem than spending too much or not being in the loop. There is only so much you can do on your own. You need to delegate tasks to your staff and also get external help as well. If you trust yourself to pick the best people on your team, then trust them to get things done effectively.

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  1. Inadequate Research

As a corporate event planner, research should be a major chunk of your work. You should research the client and their brand. You should research vendors and venues. You should research your competitors. Research should be done on almost every aspect of your planning process.

There is nothing more disastrous than hiring an unreliable vendor or booking an unsuitable venue. Particularly if the information is out there. Proper research can help you avoid major disasters. It can also make you very knowledgeable which can build your reputation.

  1. No Contingency Plan

As much as you try to put things in place for a perfect event, there are still things that are outside of your control. What if there is bad weather? What if your venue has become unavailable? What if a vendor is having transportation trouble?

Put together a contingency plan or plans a few weeks before your event. Consider all risks and potential upsets. If it comes to a point that you have to cancel the event, then make sure you plan how you are going to inform all involved.

When you fall, you can get back up again, but if you have a “backup” then you won’t fall too hard.

  1. Not Keeping Up with Technology

Technology can play a key role in the success of your corporate event. It can help you get things done more quickly and efficiently. And let’s face it, it looks pretty cool when you use it… correctly.

Make sure you look at your list of tasks and see how much you can do with technology. This will help to ease some stress from your client, your client’s guests and yourself. This can also help your client’s image by making them look like a modern and innovative company.

So don’t be afraid to swap out the registration forms for online ticketing and code-scanning!

Now that you know the 5 most common mistakes, you can take the necessary steps to avoid them.

Albert Einstein said, “A clever person solves a problem. A wise person avoids it.”

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So do you agree with this list? Are there any other mistakes you think corporate planners commonly make? Share in the comments!