5 Creative Ways to Get More Clients

Are you looking for some creative ways to get more clients for your event planning business? Do you need to find ways to stand out from the competition?

Then read on for 5 creative ways to find new clients for your event planning business.

  1. Make It About the Experience

Always consider your audience and why they are attending your events. Then you need to consider how you can meet or exceed your audience’s expectations. Once you keep these considerations in mind, you can tailor your events to provide a great experience. After all, they are investing time and money into your event. They are looking for something more than your typical event. They want to experience something that they can share with people.

So think about how you can put a twist on your events.  Combine your event with sip and paint sessions, scavenger hunts, fitness activities, special food and drink tastings etc.

Once you know your audience, you will be able to provide the best experience for them.

  1. Prove Your Expertise

People don’t want to just hear talk. They want to see some action.

Start a blog or use social media to prove your expertise. Share information, tips and insights into industry happenings and trends. People love to support businesses that share information that is interesting, helpful and relevant to them.

You can build your reputation and bring in search engine traffic by blogging and sharing posts on social media. You are more likely to come up in a search for someone who is an expert in the field.

Take the time also to reply to any queries and comments from your audience. It is a great way to build relationships and increase your clientele.

  1. Use Online Job Boards

There are several websites where you can find one-time projects and other freelance event planning work. Companies or persons are always looking for some extra hands to manage their events. Check out websites like Indeed.com and Flexjobs.com.

There might be a fee attached to these services but these jobs can help expand your portfolio.

So apply to the jobs you are interested in and hopefully you will find clients who think you can fit their event planning needs.

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  1. Find a Niche

This may sound like you are narrowing down your client potential. But this is actually a proven way to get more clients. When you find a niche, then you would be becoming an expert in that area. It also makes it easier for you to market your services to your potential clients.

Your niche could be seminars, team-building events, product launches or any other major company event. Perhaps even destination weddings or children’s parties. Whatever it is, once you become known for that niche, it will be easier for clients to find you. In fact, clients will flock to you. This should be your ultimate objective.

  1. Do a Little Stalking

First, you establish your ideal audience or niche. Second, find out where your potential clients would be. Third, go to them.

You should know who your ideal audience is. Attend the conferences, social events or meetups where you think you would find them. Join or volunteer as part of their industry.

Yes, stalkers might lurk in the background. But you should be constantly in front of your desired audience so that they would take notice.…………….

It will take some effort to expand your clientele. But hopefully this list has given you some unconventional ways to do this.

Remember, getting creative means getting more clients.

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Do you think you will use any of the ideas on this list? Which one do you think is the most creative? Share in the comments!