5 Fall Wedding Ideas That Won’t Hurt Your Budget

Is your fall wedding dream turning into an expensive nightmare?

Let us help you breathe a little easier with these 5 money-saving tips that will let you have the wedding of your dreams at a price you’ll love!

  1. Use Nature’s Décor

You can save a lot by taking advantage of the natural splendor of fall!
Use some burlap to tie together sunflowers or any other bright flowers as your wedding bouquet. Or add some fall drama by using tree branches as centerpieces or using draping fall-leaf tables capes.

Don’t be afraid to pump things up by adding lots of pumpkins! Pumpkins are a major feature in the fall so they can be used as fun, decorative focal points. Carve them into quirky centerpieces or line your aisle with pumpkins of different sizes and colors.

Tiny pumpkins, apples or pine cones can make cute place cards as well.
You can even add flowers or leaves to your wedding cake but remember not to eat them. Or maybe eat them if you want, it’s your wedding!

  1. Have a Hay Day

Hay bales may not be the first thing that came to mind during your wedding planning but they are a cheap and charming addition to your fall wedding.
Hay bales are quite versatile.

Cover them with vintage blankets or lace tablecloths and use them as seating for your ceremony. A conventional bale would seat two average-sized adults. They can be arranged into social areas for your guests.

You can use them as decorative additions that prop up your photos, name boards or directional signs.

They can be used to create archways or as backdrops for your photo booth.
You can stack them high and top with wooden pallets to create a rustic drinks or dessert station.
You can even use bits of hay as boutonnieres or in your bouquet for an extra hay-zy touch.

So, this is an option that is cheap, charming and as easy as saying “Hay, hay, hay!”

  1. Add a Sweet Touch

There are many sweet treats that can complement your fall wedding.
Think of treats like caramelized pears, apple cider donuts, fresh gingerbread, s’mores and fall-themed cookies.

What is extra delightful about these treats is that they do not have to be dessert options only, they can be used as décor and yummy wedding favors.
Send home guests with jars of jams or small bags of beignets and bourbon truffles. Add a disclaimer that you are not footing their dentist bill!

  1. Do It Yourself

There are also many DIY wedding items that can save you money and add a personal touch.
From decorative “Mr. & Mrs.” burlap chair ties to food and beverage signs painted on wooden planks to slabs of wood as dessert holders to painted leaves as decorative accent to leaf garlands to carved pumpkins for guests to put their well wishes cards – the list goes on!

The DIY concept can complement the third item on this list by letting your guests do it themselves too! Have a chocolate fountain or caramel apple bar where they can dip their fruit into caramel, chocolate chips and other goodies!

So, put on your crafter’s hat and get creative!

  1. Lighten Things Up

Of course, nothing adds that magical touch to your fall wedding like the right lighting.
And thankfully, there are some wonderfully affordable options.

If you are having an outdoor fall wedding, then string lights are a must-have. Whether you string them on the trees around you or over your tables, it would create the most romantic setting.

You can carve out pumpkins or apples and put candles in them, and light them when it gets dark. Kerosene lamps are another rustic option. Another option would be to add some tealights or Christmas lights in mason jars.

Spread the love by spreading the light.

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Are there any other inexpensive ideas you can think of for a fall wedding? Let us know in the comments!