5 Mistakes Wedding Planners Would Not Make At Their Own Weddings

You’re anxious and jittery about every little thing, constantly on edge wondering what will go wrong… You’re the bride and this is YOUR big day.

Read on for 5 mistakes you wouldn’t find a wedding planner making on their big day.

  1. Not Knowing Guests

Your wedding day shouldn’t be the time that you are giving random strangers a free meal and party. The bride and groom should know each guest personally and want them to be there to celebrate with them.Try not to offer a plus one option to single friends if you don’t know who they are bringing.

Also, try not to have too large of a guest list. If you do, then don’t be surprised when your relatives decide to bring along people they feel should be at your big day.

The milkman and mail-lady are probably lovely people, but they might not be that necessary on your wedding day.

  1. Overdoing the DIY

We are all for taking on some wedding tasks yourself to save money and add a personal touch. But there should be a limit to how many and which Do-It-Yourself (DIY) projects you take on.For instance, things you can do months before your big day are fair game – the save-the-dates, invitations, favors.

But other time-sensitive and significant-meaning things should be left to the professionals.
Besides, the last days before your wedding would be very busy so you wouldn’t have time to do it all. Plus, there are certain things that are just too significant to risk.

So, if you are not a florist or professional baker, please don’t try to do your flowers or make your wedding cake. And pretty please, don’t try to take selfies for your wedding photos or use an iPod as a DJ!

  1. Cutting Too Much Costs

On the same note, your wedding day is one of the most memorable days of your life. While you want to creative ways to save money yet still have a magical day, you can’t go too far to cut costs.Be wary of friends who offer up photography and videography services when their only credential is owning a smartphone.

You don’t want to be disappointed when you sit down to watch your wedding video and you realize that your cousin got distracted and didn’t capture the best moments.

  1. Making Your Guests Hangry

It is common for the bridal party to take some time to take after-ceremony photos which can take at least an hour. But it is also common that during this time, your guests will become very hungry and thirsty.This is too long to keep your guests waiting for refreshments.

Instead of leaving them high and dry, why not have a cocktail hour with appetizers?
I bet they would cheer more loudly when the bridal party arrives at the reception area.

  1. Not Honeymooning After

Wedding planning is such a stressful time that you need a breather when it is over. Honeymoons are a great time to unwind after the whirlwind of your wedding.As much as your wedding day is memorable, it is not just for you, it is for your family and friends too.

But your honeymoon is all about you. You get to take your first trip as a married couple. You get to bond and collect yourselves. It sets the tone for your marriage.
Ensure you spend time planning your honeymoon. All the stress of wedding planning would be worth it!

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So, what do you think? Are there any other mistakes you think a wedding planner wouldn’t make on his/her own wedding? Let us know in the comments!