5 tips for how to include pets in a wedding

Are your clients animal lovers and want to include their pets in their wedding? Are you unsure what steps you need to take to facilitate this?

Well here is a list of 5 tips for how to include pets at a wedding.

  1. Check with the Venue

Many couples can’t see themselves getting married without having their beloved pets. Thus, many wedding venues have become more open to having pets as guests.

But, as a courtesy, you should still confirm whether the venue allows pets. This is particularly if the wedding will be at a church, temple or synagogue.

You don’t want to upset the wedding by showing up with the pet on the day to then be told that animals are not allowed at the venue. Ask this upfront. If it is not something the venue has done before, maybe they might put additional things in place.

  1. Cater to The Pet’s Personality

Have a discussion with your clients about their pets’ personalities and obedience levels. If their pet is outgoing and obedient, possible roles can be the “flower girl” or ring bearer. If they have a calmer personality, then they can be the “pet of honor” or an honored guest.

Inquire if your client’s pet might get too jittery when it gets too noisy. If so, then arrange for them to be taken away after the ceremony. This might be a good idea too if the pets would be too tempted to steal food off guests’ plates.

Make sure the pets’ personalities are carefully considered. It might not be their big day but your clients’ will not want them to get into a frenzy. Try your best for them to enjoy the day too.

  1. Let Everyone Know

When we say everyone, we mean everyone.

Start by including it as a tidbit of information on the save-the-date cards. Then as a reminder in the invitations. You don’t want to send guests into a sneezing fit because they are allergic.

They can prepare beforehand if they are aware. This also helps you know how to plan the layout of the ceremony and the reception.

Alert the photographer so that he/she can put together fun ways to include the pets in the wedding photos. They will also be prepared for unpredictable behavior.

You should also make the other vendors aware so they can adjust if necessary. This means the caterers, deejays, decorators, etc.

Florists need to know so that they do not suggest any flowers that could be poisonous. Stylists also need to know so that they can keep accessories simple. They shouldn’t include anything your client’s pet can choke on.

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  1. Have a Pet Sitter on Hand

It is also very handy to hire a pet sitter for the ceremony and reception. This will ensure the pets are safe and comfortable. It can also eliminate some anxiety for your clients. They won’t have to worry about whether their pet is fed, has enough water or is causing any chaos!

The pet sitter can watch the pet and then take it home if things get to be too overwhelming. Your client’s pet might not be too fun-loving after a day of wedding activities. It would be stressful to be around hundreds of people, being photographed, or chased and stroked by children.

So, a pet-sitter is a great way to relieve some stress from your clients and their pets too!

  1. Practice and Rehearse With The Pet

Unless your client’s animal pal is a professional wedding pet, then it’s safe to assume it doesn’t know proper wedding protocols. Include the pets in any rehearsals before the wedding.

Take them to the venue so that they can explore, sniff around and get familiar. Bring the pet sitter too so that they can get more comfortable with him/her.

Encourage your clients to also practice their pet’s role when then they are home as much as possible.

These rehearsals are also helpful to the wedding party and vendors. They will know what’s happening, where and when.

Having a pet at a wedding might be unpredictable but it is cute and endearing. These 5 tips will help you ensure that everyone has an s-pet-acular time! A bonus is that you will also look very com-pet-ent! (Forgive us, these puns were too ap-pet-izing!)

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Did you use any of the tips above? What other tips would you add? Let us know in the comments!