5 Tips for Planning a Virtual Event

Let’s face – it virtual events may be here to stay for some companies, especially after the past year. Virtual events can be fun and a great way to think outside the box. Here are five tips to incorporate into your next virtual event.

  1. Gamify it

If the event isn’t fun, make it fun! Gamifying an event can be an amazing way to increase participation. A few ways you can gamify an event are competitions, polls, and leaderboards.

  1. Send Event Swag

Swag is amazing to receive whether you are at a virtual conference or not. If you send your attendee’s swag, make sure they’re things they can utilize in the meeting. Some great ideas of swag are water bottles, fun cut-outs for interacting on Zoom, and headphones.

  1. Incorporate Prizes and Giveaways

Like with any event, pair up with a sponsor and give away prizes. You can either have items shipped to the winner’s house or do virtual prizes like gift cards, or memberships out.  Wheel of Names is a favorite and encourages attendees to show up to take part – https://wheelofnames.com/

     4. Create a Hashtag

By creating a hashtag, others will gain awareness of your event. If your event is open to anyone, this is a fantastic way to get more attendees in! Hashtags also make it convenient and easier when looking for social media posts to utilize.

   5. Use the Updated Zoom Features

Since the beginning of the pandemic, Zoom has been upping their game! There are so many great features you can utilize in your virtual meeting. A few of my favorites are polling, reactions, and backgrounds. Also, bonus tip if you create backgrounds for all your attendees to use!

Hopefully, 2021 is a year where we start seeing in-person events make a comeback, but for now, virtual meetings are going to be a mainstay so let’s make them fun. If you have any tips, drop them below!

Article By: Tori Chellis