5 Tips to Market Your Event Planning Business

Are you lost when it comes to marketing your event planning business?

How can you have a successful business if no one knows that you are good at what you do?
Don’t despair, we have compiled a list of 5 simple tips that will help you market yourself and your business.

  1. Network. Network. Network.

Yes, attending events outside of your planned events might sound like a drag but you will find that it would be very helpful in marketing your business.
In fact, people say that face-to-face meetings are the best way to build and maintain long-term business relationships.

Take advantage of the many events that are available to you, whether it be trade shows, mix and mingles, speed networking or round table discussions. Meeting other business people at networking events can turn them into partners who would recommend your services to their clients. But don’t forget to return the favor.

You might even be able to establish relationships with bigger event planning businesses that would be willing to subcontract work to you or ask you to assist them on projects.

  1.  Volunteer Your Services

Volunteering your services is a great opportunity to demonstrate your talents and services and you can even add it to your portfolio and get great references.
The value gained from this may not be monetary but would still aid in your growth.

Contact local clubs, churches, and charitable organizations to see what events they need help with. Tell them what you can do for them FOR FREE.

They are sure to take your offer since most of these organizations may not be able to afford an event planner. They might even show their appreciation by celebrating your contributions in newsletters or on social media platforms.

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  1.  Take Advantage of Technology

Speaking of social media platforms, it would be a crime if you did not use all of today’s technology to market your event planning business.

So let’s get digital!

You should firstly establish a website for your event planning business. Then, you should create business pages on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and any other relevant platform and encourage people to subscribe.

Don’t try to pitch too hard. Instead, find creative ways to engage your audience. Offer information, tips, photos and videos about your business. They would be much more inclined to share your content to their contacts.

Blogging is another popular and valuable tool. Create posts that people would see as valuable and helpful. This would also establish your event business as knowledgeable and experienced.

  1.  Don’t Forget the Traditional Methods

While technology is great and necessary, don’t forget some of the traditional tools such as information brochures, flyers, business cards and newsletters (on recycled paper).

These will come in handy whenever you come into direct contact with potential clients, especially those who do not have an online presence.
They are also useful to include in giveaway bags at trade shows and other events.

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  1.  Don’t Forget your Existing Clients

The success of your business is not only based on new clients but your relationship with existing clients. Even though you organized their event and it was a success, don’t let the relationship end there.

Keep past clients abreast of all you are doing by sending regular emails and newsletters. You can even personalize your messages at birthdays and holidays.

Making clients feel valued will absolutely delight them. We can guarantee that they would use your services again and again. Better yet, they are sure to refer your services again and again!

So don’t be afraid to use these 5 tips to put yourself on the market!

Do you have any tips to share on how Market Your Event Planning Business? Share them with others in the comments below.