Starting the New Year off Right

Starting the New Year off Right


Happy New Year everyone! Every year when the new year begins, you should be growing and adapting your business for the upcoming year ahead.

Some tips for starting your year off right are:


  • Write down your vision and your goals. This will help you make a roadmap of what you want for the year, and what you want for your business. Include your ideal schedule, and book yourself a vacation!


  • Choose a word for 2021 this will be your North Star for the year. Have this word guide you through all business and life decisions.


  • If you don’t have an email list start creating one now! If we build an email database it will help us expand our offerings. For example, if you plan on expanding your business to include all events you can email it out to all your previous clients.


  • Get interviewed. Try and get media opportunities. Not enough event planners do this and it can rapidly expand your business.


  • Start building relationships! Not only with other vendors but also with the media.


  • Start looking for referrals or affiliate programs. While this won’t bring in a ton of money it will bring in something!


  • Create a content calendar and pre-schedule your content. This will make it easier in the long run.


  • If you are starting to get super busy and need help, get a virtual assistant to help assist you with tasks you don’t like.


  • Schedule block. Try and do one item all day or several items versus jumping back from task to task. Really concentrating on just one thing allows you to focus more and have better quality work.


  • Have emails written up and ready to go. Then you can edit/customize it for each customer.


There are so many other great tips you can utilize for your business! If you missed our Plantapalooza session I highly recommend you check that out for more detailed information.