6 Effective Ways To Get More Testimonials

Are you searching for ways to get more testimonials for your business? Every event planner knows that testimonials are the best way to get new and repeat clients.

Well we have good news! There are a few easy and inexpensive ways that you can get testimonials from customers.

Here is a list of 6:

  1. Have Giveaways

There is no question that people love giveaways and getting free stuff. So use this to your advantage to get more testimonials. You can create special offers or limited-time discounts to customers. You can also give away prizes. Gift cards, electronics, concert tickets are very attractive options. Even the most reluctant of reviewers would leave a testimonial of they knew they could win a prize.

Here are some ways to get those testimonials rolling in with giveaways:

  • Once a month, select a random reviewer’s testimonial to win.
  • Have a giveaway for reviewers who use selfies on their social media to promote your business
  • Have a contest for the best written testimonial or best testimonial video.
  1. Reward Customers Who Give Testimonials

It is a good strategy to reward your previous and repeat customers who give testimonials. This would mean things like reward or loyalty programs.  In these programs, customers can get discounts or added benefits for their next transaction with you.

There is a higher chance of getting testimonials from your clients when you use the words “coupon”, “discount” and “save”. These rewards also increase customer engagement.

  1. Use Social Media

This is the social media age. So you should optimise your testimonial strategy for social networks. Many of the platforms make it easy for your customers to leave testimonials.

For instance, if you have a Facebook page, there is a “Reviews” feature that your customers can use to write testimonials. LinkedIn is also a great place to get endorsements. Testimonials can be left on your personal page. You can also add your services to your company page and ask for recommendations for each one.

YouTube is also a major platform to get testimonials. You can create videos with helpful tips or showing an event you planned. Then send the link to your customers and encourage them to leave a review.  Take it even a step further by compiling a video of testimonials from your customers.

There are also the more informal platforms like Twitter and Instagram. But this doesn’t mean the testimonials on these platforms can’t be featured. Repost or retweet your favourite testimonials. Other customers would be more inclined to leave feedback if they feel like it could be featured.

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  1. Use Local Directories

The concept of local search directories has an even greater impact in this digital age. Setting up an account on sites like Yelp, Google Business Profiles and Merchant Circle can get more testimonials.

People rely a lot on ratings from these sites to know whose services to use. Encourage your customers to review you on these sites. The great thing is that these testimonials will be available in searches.

Also look for any event planning niche sites. It would also be very helpful to set up an account there for customers to leave feedback.

  1. Sign Up for Google Alerts

There might be some testimonials out there on other sites and blogs that you don’t know about. So you must find a way to capture any significant ones.

Thankfully, there is a tool called Google Alerts. Google Alerts send you daily alerts whenever there is a mention of your business or brand. When you get an alert for one you can use, reach out to the reviewer to ask them to feature their testimonials on your website or newsletter.

  1. Just Ask

Of course, the sure-fire way to get more testimonials is the most traditional way – ask for them. After working with a client, you can send a follow up email asking for feedback. A survey is always useful but keep it simple. Ask 3 to 5 simple questions that won’t seem too tedious to them.

Surveys with star ratings are more likely to garner responses. But if you want a little more than star ratings then you can ask pointed questions. Questions like “What was your experience working with us?” and “Did we meet your expectations and would you hire us again?”

Make it easy for your customers. If you have a website, you can embed a testimonial widget. These widgets also have a feature where you can email to ask for testimonials.

Be sure to thank each reviewer for their testimonials. Good manners in itself can get your more testimonials.


Only a small percentage of customers would write testimonials. So finding creative ways to give them the incentive to is necessary. Testimonials are what helps your business to grow. The more testimonials your business has, the more trustworthy it seems.

This list gives you 6 great tips for getting those testimonials. So start implementing them today!

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What do you do to get more testimonials from customers? Is there anything on this list you would like to use? Share in the comments!