6 Secrets to Planning a Successful Sporting Event

There is a lot to think about when constructing a successful sporting event to help market your team or organization – so with a little planning you can get organized and  skyrocket your business in no time at all

The United States is a country that gathers around Sporting Events. Nielsen reports that:


Nielsen reports that:

— 111.9 million individuals watched Super Bowl 50 in 2016.

— 16 million watched the Kentucky derby this year.

— 17.2 million watched the World Series last year.


When it comes to sports, we simply love cheering on our favorite teams. So it makes sense, then, that creating a successful sporting event that draws attention to your brand and drives new clients toward your business is incredibly important.


 Here are six powerful secrets to planning a successful sporting event this year:

  1. Boost community spirit

Whether you operate in a small town or a bustling metropolis, you will fail to deliver on your goals if you do not garner the support of the community. Communicate with local politicians to gather their support and ensure that your event is established in accordance with local rules and regulations. Nothing is worse than planning a major event only to find out that you can’t use the allotted space. Create an advertising campaign that ties in the community, or even shows how you’re going to give back to a local school or organization via proceeds from the event.


  1. Create stunning visuals

A successful sporting event must be as attractive to the eye as it is exhilarating to the spirit. Ensure that you entice your attendees to discover all that you have to offer by creating custom branded visual displays, like tents to outdoor flags, tablecloths to banners. Seek a company that delivers durable products at affordable prices – but most importantly, position these promotional, visual pieces in a calculated manner to draw attention to your event.


  1. Get insured

This isn’t the most exciting part of the sports event planning process, but it is an important one. While liability coverage is a given, consider insurance that covers your contests and prize giveaways. For instance, if you plan on inviting someone to try a half-court basketball shot for a chance at $10,000, you will want to consider how that would affect your bottom line if someone were to actually sink the shot. It might be devastating – if not incredibly exciting for the attendee! Prize insurance is commonly overlooked, but a small upfront investment can prevent a devastating payout for your business. Then, you might just end up rooting for the lucky half-court shooter.


  1. Find a sponsor

Partnering with the right business or municipal sponsor can make all the difference when facilitating a fun and successful sporting event. Find those businesses that can help to defray some of the costs of putting on the event, while also creating a mutually beneficial relationship in the process. You can find volunteers or low-cost event staff from these partners, and even barter services or ad space in exchange for giveaways or branded prizes.


  1. Market, market, market

And then, market some more. Otherwise, you end up like the kid who forgot to hand out flyers to the house party. Only the dedicated players will show up – and you want every possible interested party to attend! Create a theme that will excite and enthrall visitors, tie in local media members to advertise the event, use social media to get the word out, and be relentless when it comes to spotlighting the upcoming event.


  1. Create a team

We’re not talking about the team on the field. Rather, assemble a trusted group of individuals who are as committed as you are to seeing this event come together beautifully. Share preparatory responsibilities and assign leadership roles to those who have demonstrated a proficiency for leading teams and delivering results. Oftentimes, those who are good leaders in the workplace become effective team managers during promotional marketing events.


While there is a lot to keep in mind when planning a sporting event, your main goal should be to attract and satisfy both clients and prospects, alike, and to deliver an incredible customer experience throughout the duration of the event. You’ll hit a home run during your upcoming marketing campaign if you get organized, keep calm, and plan each step of the way with an attention to detail. Now step up to the plate and swing for the fences!


Ben Camerota is the President at MVP Visuals, a supplier of custom branded displays for retail promotion, sporting events and other live events. They work with companies of various sizes to make their event marketing experiences pop. To reach him or to learn more about MVP Visuals, contact him at [email protected]