6 Tips for Planning The Perfect Summer Wedding

Weddings can be planned for any time of the year. There is something about summer weddings that are very popular with couples.

And with the warm weather, beautiful flowers, range of colors and an atmosphere of joy, is it really a surprise?

Of course, with any wedding, there are a few things you need to be extra mindful of. Especially in summer weddings, when the heat and insects can make your day memorable in all the wrong ways.

Here is 6 tips to make your summer wedding breezy!

  • Send Save-The-Dates EARLY

What do most people do for summer? That’s right, they go on vacation!

Summer is the ideal time for families to plan their getaways. Make sure you send your save-the-dates very early. This allows your guests to mark your summer wedding on their calendar and plan around it.

Unless you were looking for a way to reduce costs (wink wink).

  • Choose An Indoor-Outdoor Location

The great thing about a summer wedding is that you can almost be guaranteed wonderful weather and so outdoor venues are the most popular choices. But instead of going all-outdoors, consider looking for a venue that offers both indoor and outdoor areas.

This way your guests, especially elderly or pregnant ones, can decide where they prefer to stay. If this is not possible, make sure the venue offers some type of shade, maybe huge shady trees or a gazebo.

If you are not totally traditional, perhaps even consider a pool party to let your guests jump in after the ceremony!

  • Forget The Formal

Of course, on your wedding day you want to be comfortable and confident, and not sticky and worried about sweat stains.

When deciding on the attire for the wedding party, think light, breathable fabrics such as cotton, linen, chiffon or silk. You can even be more adventurous and wear a shorter dress and have your groom wear a linen suit or a more casual look.

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Even your guests should be advised to wear more semi-formal attire that would keep them comfortable during the ceremony and the reception activities. Remember, if comfort comes first, a good time will follow!

  • Beat The Heat

As much as Vitamin D is good for you, it is very important that your summer wedding includes a few ways to combat the heat.

First of all, don’t begin your outdoor wedding at noon. This is when the sun’s rays are the strongest. You and your guests would be too distracted by the heat to truly enjoy the ceremony.

Opt for a late afternoon or early evening start. The added benefit to this is that you would get ideal lighting for photos and maybe even a gorgeous sunset.

You can also provide your guests with themed hand fans or battery fans to keep them cool. Have ushers distribute small ice-cold hand towels before your ceremony and place buckets or baskets of bottle of water in close proximity so your guests can hydrate when necessary.

Trust us, you would prefer a long line at the bathroom than dehydrated, sweaty, uncomfortable guests.

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  • Refreshing Refreshments

Not only should your fabrics be light and refreshing but so too your menu in your summer wedding.

Lighter foods are more refreshing in the summer compared to heavier, creamier foods.

Heavier foods might make your guests like slugs on the dance floor (which is not good for the electric slide).

Examples of light foods include: cold veggies, cold seafood, fruit skewers, and gazpacho shooters

Think frozen cocktails, fresh coconut water, lemon water, maybe even ice pops or an ice-cream stand!

  • Include Sun And Bug Protection

No one wants their guests to say that the most memorable part of your summer wedding was the severe sunburn that lets everyone know the outfit you wore or that they were attacked by bugs.

In the guest bathroom, you can include a cute basket with sunblock and bug spray. You can even prepare them beforehand in your invitations so that they would apply sunscreen before getting dressed.

Even the blushing bride and groom should consider wearing a SPF moisturizer or foundation.

We hope these tips were helpful. Happy planning!

Do you have even more tips for planning a summer wedding? Share them with others in the comments below.