7 Charming Ideas for Planning an Easter Party

Is your client looking for some charming ideas for their Easter party? Well, the Easter season is fast approaching and we have 7 ideas to get you started. They are sure to make your client’s party one to remember!

  1. Take Things Outside

When one thinks of Easter, you think the smell of spring, picnics and treasure hunts. So don’t be afraid to take your client’s Easter party to an outdoorsy venue! You can create a whole picnic party atmosphere.

If you have a back porch or patio at your home, you can put a table and decorate with bright, festive colors. Outdoor venues are perfect for photos when the weather is right. You can designate a photo area that has a backdrop of pretty trees and flowers. You wouldn’t need much else but having some Easter props are also an option.

Nothing will brighten an Easter party like the brightness of the spring!

  1. Have an Easter Egg Hunt

No Easter party can be complete without the traditional Easter egg hunt. You don’t have to use actual eggs. Fill some plastic or wooden eggs with candies or other treats. Then hide them around your venue.

If the party has young and older children, organize the hunt by age groups. You can have different areas or different times for the different groups. The smaller children can go first, then the older groups.

A creative idea is to put puzzle pieces in the eggs for the older kids. Then assign each child a color, so they would have to find all the pieces to finish the puzzle.

Don’t leave the adults out of the fun. But don’t make it as easy. Give them riddles or clues that they have to figure out before they can find the eggs.

  1. Decorate Eggs-Intensively

You would think that eggs would not be as versatile but they are. They can be used in your centerpieces or your table runner if you pair them with other items like flowers. They can even be painted and used as place card alternatives.

If you want to add a little more nature, you can have small Easter trees or branches. You can hang decorated Easter eggs on them.

Another option is to decorate your venue with mason jars of Jordan Almonds. They easily double as Easter eggs.

There are many options for how to use eggs as part of your décor. These festive eggs are readily available at groceries or craft stores. If they are not already decorated, you can dye them or paint them to match the theme. The results are eggstraordinary!

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  1. Set Up a Waffle and S’mores Bar

A spring-themed waffle and s’ mores bar is perfect for an Easter party.

For the waffles, you can offer fruit, whipped cream, and other sweet toppings. And who can say no to as’ more? Swap out the regular marshmallows for colorful Peeps. You don’t even need to start a bonfire, just pop them into the microwave and voila! Easter sweet tooth satisfied!

  1. Make Napkin Bunnies

If your client would like to incorporate more of the Easter bunny into the décor, then a cute idea is to create some napkin bunnies. It’s a perfect way to add a little bit of whimsy to the tables. Your client’s guests will be impressed by the charming creations.

  1. DIY Easter Favors

You don’t have to stop with these folded napkin bunnies. There are lots of other DIY ideas for Easter party favors. Set up stations where guests can decorate Easter cookies or eggs. If you choose a painting station and an outdoor venue, then you won’t have to worry about the mess.

Guests will love making bunny hats or bunny ears. Another crafty idea is using crepe paper balls to make Easter bunnies. You just have to ensure that they have enough craft items (eyes, ears, nose, whiskers, etc.) and let their creativity do the rest!

It is said that Easter is a good time to plant. So a nifty idea could be to provide small pots for your plants and seeds for your guests to plant! DIY and Do-It-For-The-Earth!

  1. Have Guest Goody Bags

Everyone loves to get goody bags at parties. If they didn’t they would be called baddy bags. You can have either a basket filled with treats or even a bunny-shaped bag! Another charming option is to have a “good egg” where the bag is a huge fake egg.

To make these goody bags extra special, add a personal touch by putting the guests’ names on them. It’s a sure-fire way to make your party memorable!

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These 7 ideas are sure to charm your client’s guests at their Easter party! Tell us which one you liked best! Please feel free to share any other charming ideas for Easter party planning!