7 Low Cost Ways to Surprise and Delight Your Clients

It’s easy to build a great business and provide a client with a great product, but it takes an added touch to develop a loyal clientele who would not only be satisfied with your service but rave about it to others.

This is why it is advantageous to surprise and delight your clients. You might think that it might cost you a lot to go that extra mile, but it really doesn’t have to. You just have to get a bit creative.

Here is a list of 7 ways that you can create wow moments for your clients without breaking the bank!

  1.  Say Thank You

Never take your clients for granted, take time to recognize the value that they bring to your business. Without your clients, you could not be successful. There are so many simple and inventive ways to show your appreciation.

You can send them handwritten notes, offer small discounts or even host a client appreciation day.

A simple thank you can go a long way.

  1.  Remember Important Dates

Make sure to ask your clients for important dates like their birthdays and anniversaries,  or maybe even keep on record the first time they did business with you so that when the date rolls around again, you can send them a gift card or an email with a greeting.

They might have forgotten but it would make them feel excited when these important days are celebrated.

  1.  Give Rewards

Everyone loves when they are rewarded, especially clients who have given you their business.

Whether it be with a small freebie, redeemable loyalty points, vouchers, a personalized offer, or access to exclusive events, give them a little something that would create a stronger bond between your company and client.

You can even give your best customers a first look or access to your new products to really make them feel special.

  1.  Respond Quickly

In a time when everything is “instant”, so too your clients expect your responses. Not only should you have systems to gather feedback from clients, but you should also be monitoring these systems to ensure that you are responding to client’s queries and complaints quickly.

Nothing would frustrate a customer more than delayed responses since it feels like the company doesn’t care enough to address their concerns. Make sure you are available via phone and email where applicable.

But don’t just focus on negative client comments. Take time to also respond to positive comments as these can also be helpful for a company to see what they are doing right.

  1.  Listen to Feedback

Take it a step further by not just collecting the feedback and responding to it, but also implementing some of the practical things your clients suggest. You could use the information to improve a product or develop a new product that would cater to their needs even better.

This makes clients feel like you really have their interests at heart, and you want to help them.

  1.  Retweet and Re post

When your clients tweet about your company or tag you in their photos, they are doing so to grab your attention.

It can’t hurt to give in. Your clients would get a notification when you re post their photos or retweet their tweets and they will see that you are paying attention to them. It shows them that you respect what they are saying.

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  1.  Provide Useful Information

We are in the age of information, so your clients would always appreciate learning something new. Consider creating related video or blog content that would give your clients useful information in an engaging way. This is a great way to engender trust.

It doesn’t take a lot to create a loyal customer, you just have to be thoughtful and authentic about it. You would not regret the extra effort. As Warren Buffet said, “Don’t just satisfy your customers, delight them…Anybody who has happy customers is likely to have a pretty good future.”

Do you have even more low cost ways to Surprise and Delight Your Clients? Share them with others in the comments below.