7 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Event Planning Website

Do you keep hearing about WordPress and are not sure if it might be right for eventplanners?

Are you always wondering what are the real benefits of using WordPress?

Well here is a list of 7 reasons you should use WordPress for your event planning site website.

  1. It’s Free

Those two words are always music to the ears of business people who are looking for ways to save money. The WordPress Content Management System (CMS) is free to download and install.

You can create any type of website using WordPress. You can also make modifications without any extra costs.

What is not free is your website’s domain name and web hosting. Your domain name is the website address people search for to visit your website.

For example, Web hosting is where your website and all its files live. It is “the house” that your website address is located. Every website on the internet needs a WebHost.

You can buy a domain name and Webhosting separately or you can buy them together. Usually, web hosts such as Bluehost and Hostgator have plans where they offer users a free domain name and a discount on Webhosting.

  1. It’s Easy to Use

Now, this is music to the ears of all not-so-tech-savvy persons. WordPress is wildly popular because it is easy to use. It claims that you can set up a basic WordPress website in 5 minutes.

This is without any coding or web development skills. Once you play around with the dashboard, you can learn how the interface works in a few minutes.

Even if you are looking to do something more complicated, there are many other resources. There are entire blogs that can give you tips. For instance, WP beginners answer many commonly asked questions. A simple search on Google can also provide solutions.

  1. It Has Lots of Themes and Plugins

Even though WordPress is used by so many people, you don’t have to worry about your website not being unique. There are thousands of free and paid themes available to make your website look the way you need it to. You can change the look of it in minutes.

You can choose a theme based on the type of website or business you are in. Each theme would have a basic set of colors, fonts, header configuration, and layout. These items can be modified on the dashboard based on your preferences.

There are also thousands of plugins to help improve your website’s look and functionality. If you want your website to load faster, back up automatically or you want to add a quiz, there is a plug-in for it. You can add almost any feature without writing any code.

You can scale your website at any point with the available themes and plug-ins.

  1. It’s SEO Friendly

WordPress makes it easy for your website to be search engine friendly. It has SEO built into its interface. It generates title tags and meta descriptions for your pages and posts.

This helps your website rank higher in search engines. The responsive and practical design of WordPress makes search engines prefer it.

If you need more advanced features, then there are other SEO plug-ins and online tools you can use.

  1. It Interacts Well With Other Platforms

From getting your website found to making a sale, the WordPress platform interacts very well with other platforms.

WordPress started as a blogging platform but has since expanded. Now you can create a variety of websites. You can use WordPress to make membership sites, eCommerce sites, chatrooms, job boards, business directories and even media-centered sites like YouTube.

The functionality for these types can be added with simple plugins and themes.

It also supports many media types for images, audio, video, and documents. You need to ensure that you use media that is owned by you, can be credited or is open for free downloads.

Finally, if you ever need to change your WebHost, WordPress makes the transition very straightforward.

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  1. It Has a Good Support System

Even if WordPress wasn’t already so easy to use; you still have a great community to go to for support. WordPress has a 60% share in the CMS market. Thus, it is very likely that you can find someone who has an answer to any problem you are experiencing.

There are plenty of WordPress support and developer forums, so you are never alone.

Your Webhosting provider can also lend customer support. Be sure to make use of this to resolve any issues or answer WordPress-related questions.

  1. It’s Safe and Secure

Unfortunately, a side effect of WordPress’ popularity is that it’s a tempting target for hackers.

This is why WordPress takes security issues very seriously. It works to keep your website’s software up to date so that your data is safe and your website secure. Some updates are automatic but you can also choose to update manually.

But, be sure to keep things updated and use secure passwords for your website. It was found that most hackers are successful mostly because of preventable issues like these. It is not usually because of any vulnerabilities in the software.

WordPress is a great option if you want a professional and practical website for your business without having to get too technical. You get to have full control of your site and still have access to other useful tools and support.

We hope these 7 reasons have given you a bit more insight into why WordPress is the right choice.

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So what CMS do you use for your website? Is there any other reason you prefer WordPress to other platforms? Let us know in the comments!