7 Tips for Dealing with a Bridezilla

Have you signed a contract with the client of your dreams who later turns into your worst nightmare? Are you wondering how to deal with this bridezilla so that you don’t become a beast yourself?

Here are 7 tips to help you survive to work with a bridezilla.

  1. Listen

If you have a client that has bridezilla tendencies, then it is extra important for you to be a good listener. Any ounce of miscommunication can have disastrous results.

Listen to what your client is saying and try to pinpoint exactly what she needs. Listen to her vision. While she may have some dramatic outbursts, she might have some valid ideas and good points.

If you actively listen, you might even be able to differentiate between a bridezilla and a jittery bride who is just under a lot of stress.

  1. Be Thorough

The tantrums of a bridezilla are consequences of feeling like she is not in control. She is obsessing about every little detail. She has convinced herself that the inconsequential things are as important as the major items.

Take her step by step through all the plans and details. Be thorough when you are meeting to discuss her desires, the possible options, and the budget. Explain your suggestions and clarify anything she doesn’t understand.

But ensure that you keep putting it all into perspective for her. Remind her that some matters and decisions are more important than others.

If she feels confident that someone is on top of the details, she will not feel the need to micromanage.

  1. Prepare Your Vendors

As an event planner, you would not want to lose the good relationships you have built over the years with your preferred vendors. So don’t risk them for a bridezilla.

When your client has to meet with vendors, prepare them upfront. Let them know that there is a chance the meeting may not run as smoothly as desired. When your bride needs to meet with vendors, go with her so that you can step in and mediate when necessary.

If you can beforehand, find ways to give the vendors a little more incentive to work with your client. Don’t pass on any impractical requests to them. Try to negotiate and agree on some mutual benefits. But if all else fails, make sure you have a backup plan!

  1. Keep Calm

Your client has become a bridezilla because she is feeling pressure from all angles. She wants to have the wedding of her dreams. Any minor thing that she can’t get or goes wrong takes her one more step away from that.

So she will have some meltdowns and throw some tantrums. She will be very difficult to deal with.

But you have to stay calm and professional. When she goes on a rant, show her some empathy and then try to bring her back to the big picture. Don’t become defensive or even raise your voice. It is not worth your reputation to fire back at her, no matter how much she might deserve it!

  1. Don’t Take It Personally

Remember that her crazy behavior is not a reflection of what she thinks of you. She is projecting her fears onto you. She feels like she might be the only person who will have things done perfectly but she is lacking the faith that she would be able to. So it is terrifying her and sending her a bit crazy.

Don’t take it to heart if she flips out on you when all that is available is eggshell table linens when she wanted ivory. It’s not you, it’s her…and the stress of the wedding.

  1. Be Assertive

But remember that you are also human and that you are putting a lot of time and effort to make your client happy. If you feel like she is overstepping the boundaries, then speak up for yourself. Don’t indulge in any inappropriate behavior. You are not a personal assistant or a doormat.

Remind her that she hired you for your expertise and you are there to make the planning process easier but you are also a person too. Hopefully, she is appreciative of your honesty.

It is also helpful to have a robust contract in place beforehand. When necessary, redirect her to the scope of work you agreed upon before you started working together.

  1. Reassure Her

With all that being said, a bridezilla is just a beast that was unleashed due to the pressures of planning a wedding. Some reassurance is all the beast needs to be tamed.

Check-in with your client to make sure she is okay. Chances are, she is not so you need to reassure her that you have her back at all times. Tell her about all the times you have worked miracles for other clients.

Have a heart to heart with her. Help her to see the big picture, that is going to be marrying the love of her life. Remind her that the little details won’t matter in the future.

But assure her that you will do your absolute best to give her the wedding of her dreams. If she feels she can trust you, then she might loosen her grip on the reins.

So what do you do when you have a bridezilla for a client? Which one on the list do you feel you need to use right away? Share in the comments!