7 Tips For Marketing Your Event Business On Social Media

Did you know that with over 3 billion social media users in 2019, consumers EXPECT businesses to be active on social media platforms?

Social media might be the key to increasing brand awareness for your event planning business, but are you not quite sure how to use it effectively?

Here are 7 tips on how to use social media to market your event-planning business.

  1.  Be Social

There is a reason these platforms are called “social”. It’s all about engagement.
Don’t worry, you don’t have to get a ginormous ring for this though. You just need to grab your audience’s attention.

Share your expertise at every opportunity. Participate in forums and discussions, leave helpful and positive comments, make sure you represent your brand in the best way.

Don’t let it one sided either, a relationship takes two parties. When people share your content or comment on it, be sure you acknowledge it by “liking” or responding. You can even share and like appropriate content from your followers as well.

People also love when you tag them in your photos! You can also “be social” with your counterparts by also tagging vendors and locations.

  1.  Post Regularly But Don’t Over-post

In order to be engaging, you must post regularly so that your audience sees that you are active. Your posts should provide helpful information that your audience would be looking forward to.

Don’t, however, over-share or go on rants on your business social media channels. If your posts become too much and too negative, your subscribers will not hesitate to click that “unfollow” button.

  1.  Create Custom Hashtags

Nothing promotes your brand more prominently in this social media age than custom hashtags. Establish a few for your business, use them on your posts and encourage your audience to post pictures or reviews with those tags included.

  1.  Host Giveaways and “Ask Me Anything” Sessions

People love free stuff and discounts. So have giveaways and special offers for persons who engage your account by subscribing, liking, sharing etc.  These giveaways should be easy to take part and you should pick a winner automatically, randomly and fairly.

People usually also have lots of problems they need solved or they just need general information on a topic or product. Use “ask me anything” to let your knowledge and experience shine!

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  1.  Make the Most Out of Different Platforms

Maintaining an online presence for your event planning business does not mean you have to be on every social media platform. Choose the ones that are most convenient and most appropriate for you.

You can tailor your content for whichever one you use. You can use Snapchat for short tutorial videos, Pinterest to showcase the more creative ideas of your business and LinkedIn to answer questions and network.

Don’t commit to more that you can keep up with. You can start with one and continuously build. But you must consider your target market to know which platforms would be best to reach them.

  1.  Make Use of Metrics

One great added feature from some of the social media platforms is their analytical tools. It would be sensible to use these tools to get a better understanding of your audience. You can even use resources like Google Analytics and Hootsuite to get in-depth analyses of your social media activity.

You can even make slight modifications to get the most relevant information for your business. This would help you to adjust your content where necessary and can help you determine the ideal times to post.

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  1.  Follow the Rules

As fun as social media can be, don’t forget that each platform has certain policies and rules about what you can post and how you use the platform.

Make sure you abide by them because nothing would make a customer lose confidence in your business than when your account has been banned or suspended.

It’s a no-brainer that social media can be a powerful way to market your event planning business. If you make your social media pages valuable to your followers, then you are guaranteed to grow your fan base and in turn, your customer base.

Do you have any tips for Marketing Your Event Business On Social Media? Share them with others in the comments below.