8 Ideas on how to celebrate Halloween this year

8 Ideas on how to celebrate Halloween this year

                                                                               By: Tori Chellis

So many things are different this year – there will be less Halloween parties and more social distancing around the country. While this isn’t a time to celebrate like we usually do, here are a few social distancing ideas to bring home, or ideas you can implement for a small party.


Idea 1: While some people plan on Trick or Treating others may not feel comfortable this year. If you know someone who’s passing on the Halloween traditions this year, a fun thing to do can be give out gift bags of candy. Instead of passing out candy, a few days before create gift bags and leave them at the neighbors’ doors. This is a fun way to get kids excited and still get a little treat while maintaining your distance.


Idea 2: While this may not be the best idea for kids, one way to make your Halloween a little more unique is to hire a tarot card reader. You can hire one via Zoom and host an online party with friends. 


Idea 3: Some cities are doing Trunk or Treats, drive through experiences, or Socially Distanced Halloween Parades. As an event planner this is something that we could offer the community. This allows kids to dress up and still have fun while being safe!


Idea 4: Instead of crowded pumpkin patches this year, hit up your local grocery store and pick up some pumpkins. Carving pumpkins is a great way to celebrate Halloween while staying inside. If you’re up to it, reach out to the family and have a Pumpkin Carving Contest. Whoever wins can get a special treat!  Don’t forget to cook the pumpkin seeds for a yummy snack after!


Idea 5: One way to bring the family together is through baking. Have the little ones help you bake some special Halloween themed treats. There are so many cute options you can create. Think Frankenstein Rice Krispies, pumpkin shaped cookies, and even some yummy pumpkin bread!


Idea 6: Boo People! This is a fun idea for kids. With your kids put together a goody bag and a piece of paper that says You’ve been BOOed! This is an anonymous goody bag you will be giving out. Once you are ready ring the doorbell and run or hide! Once someone has been Booed they will put up the paper on their front door and have to Boo 2 or 3 additional people in the neighborhood. 


Idea 7: Organize a scavenger hunt in your house! Have decorated themed rooms and hide things for your kids to find. This is a fun way to spend Halloween night, while awarding them with candy and fun Halloween themed items!


Idea 8: Have a scary movie/ Halloween Movie night! This is a great way to get in the Halloween spirit and have fun spending time with close friends and family


While we can’t have Halloween Traditions like a huge costume party or a scary house, these ideas are great ways to make Halloween a fun and spooky day. Who knows, maybe these ideas  will be the start of a new tradition.