9 Summer Wedding Ideas You’ll Want To Marry

Everyone wants their big day to go down in the history books. Having a summer wedding in itself is noteworthy. Here are 9 charming summer wedding ideas to make sure that it is unforgettable!

Be prepared to fall in love again!

  1. It’s All About Hues

Take advantage of the vibrancy of the summer season by adding some dynamic colors to your summer wedding. Don’t be afraid to choose some bright and bold palettes. You can draw inspiration from your venue.

If you are going for a more laid-back vibe, then you can use romantic pastels and modern neutrals. Remember — be sure to let your color combination inform other components of your wedding like bridesmaids’ dresses and centerpieces.

This is true whether you are going for a beachy blush and blue or whimsical pink, yellow, and orange. It’s all about hue!

  1. Color Coordination

But don’t stop with hue!

Why not be hue-listic and get all your guests in on the fun by asking your guests to add a splash of your color palette in their attire. You can even go a step further and perhaps asks the gentlemen to wear a special bow tie or the ladies to don a sweet floral accessory.

Teamwork makes the dream work, right?

  1. Flower Crowns

The perfect topper to a summer bride has to be a fresh, bright and boho-chic flower crown. These crowns are so versatile you can wear them with your hair up or down, curly or straight — they look great on any hair color or type.  

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Crowns can be bold statement pieces or be simple and add an ethereal look. It might even give you a sense of calm on your otherwise nerve-wracking day.

  1. Oppa Gingham Style

Put a twist to the traditional bridesmaids’ dresses but using the classic gingham pattern.

This style has come a long way from Oz. There is something so chirpy about this look that makes it perfect for a summer wedding.

It is so visual that you wouldn’t even need to accessorize too much. You can even add this pattern to the groomsmen’s outfits as well. Get gung-ho for gingham!

  1. Surprising Flavor Infusions

Summer weddings are chosen for the beautiful weather. It is no mystery that that means it also comes with some serious warmth.

More than likely, you already planned to have buckets of ice water to keep your guests cool — have you thought about this refreshing twist?

Add a bit of flavor to the water being served, whether it be raspberry, watermelon or rosemary. It not only helps keep your guests well-refreshed but can even complement your wedding theme.

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  1. Ceremonial Parasols/Program Fans

If your venue has no shady areas, consider providing ceremony parasols to protect your guests from the sun. You can work this into your theme or décor if you put these parasols in stylish embroidered baskets that can say something about your wedding or a meaningful quote.

 On a more practical but still charming side, you can create your own “popsicle” ceremony programs that double as fans!

  1. Mimosa es Su-mosa

If you plan to have a cocktail hour (and in the beautiful weather, you should), opt for a make-your-own mimosa station on a bar cart. Your guests can pick their favorite juice and fruit garnish for their mimosas.

It’s fun, cute, and encourages mingling.

  1. Garden Games

Who says weddings can’t get a little competitive?

Take advantage of your outdoor setting and arrange some garden games. Adults deserve some fun too! You can get as wild as you want to with games like ring toss, croquet, or sack races.

You are sure to create some memorable moments.

  1. Eco-Friendly Favors

Since nature would have provided the perfect setting for your summer wedding, why not give back?

A few eco-friendly favor ideas are home-grown succulents in recycled containers, plantable seed paper and even jars of jam or honey. You can even encourage your guest to donate to a charity.

Yes, your wedding can help save the environment!

These 9 summer wedding ideas are sure to get your guests even more engaged with your client’s special day.

Do you have even more ideas? Share them with others in the comments below.