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Things to carry in your Emergency Bag – Event Planner Edition

Things to carry in your Emergency Bag - Event Planner Edition By: Tori Chellis   If you are an event planner, chances are you have been compared to a fairy godmother or a superhero before. Just like in the movie Mary Poppins, Event planners should have a bag full of emergency items. You never know what your client may forget, so it’s nice to have a few things covered for their big day.   If you are just starting out your emergency bag or are always looking for things to add, see below for a list of items the Event...

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EPA Member Spotlight with Melissa Banks

Today’s blog is a spotlight on one of our fabulous EPA members. Melissa Banks truly is an inspiration to the event planners group. Melissa joined the EPA during our first challenge, Pivot and Thrive. She has since pivoted her business and is more successful, and more knowledgeable than ever! Melissa Banks has shown if you invest time into the challenges and the mentorship, while applying all the information you're learning, you truly can be successful.   Tell us about your business. (Where are you located, and what services do you offer) The name of my business is DMD Event Planning...

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8 Ideas on how to celebrate Halloween this year

8 Ideas on how to celebrate Halloween this year                                                                                By: Tori Chellis So many things are different this year - there will be less Halloween parties and more social distancing around the country. While this isn’t a time to celebrate like we usually do, here are a few social distancing ideas to bring home, or ideas you can implement for a...

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Bots with RJ

Please join us for an EPA membership exclusive class with RJ Redden on October 13th. To prepare for the class here's some fun facts on RJ, and how you can utilize bots for your business.

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7 Charming Ideas for Planning an Easter Party

Is your client looking for some charming ideas for their Easter party? Well, the Easter season is fast approaching and we have 7 ideas to get you started. They are sure to make your client’s party one to remember! Take Things Outside When one thinks of Easter, you think the smell of spring, picnics and treasure hunts. So don’t be afraid to take your client’s Easter party to an outdoorsy venue! You can create a whole picnic party atmosphere. If you have a back porch or patio at your home, you can put a table and decorate with bright, festive...

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5 tips for how to include pets in a wedding

Are your clients animal lovers and want to include their pets in their wedding? Are you unsure what steps you need to take to facilitate this? Well here is a list of 5 tips for how to include pets at a wedding. Check with the Venue Many couples can’t see themselves getting married without having their beloved pets. Thus, many wedding venues have become more open to having pets as guests. But, as a courtesy, you should still confirm whether the venue allows pets. This is particularly if the wedding will be at a church, temple or synagogue. You don’t...

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