Rent vs. Buy

By: Event Planners Association | April 09, 2017  Weddings can be costly, and it is easy to go over budget when making all the essential purchases… the dress, the flowers, the venue, the catering, the list can go on. Understandably, it can be tempting to buy everything you need for your wedding. However, some things…

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Key Growth Strategies That Work

By: Event Planners Association | Date: 03/15/2017 “More than one-third of businesses will not survive the next 10 years,” said John Chambers, Cisco’s CEO of 20 years. In order to be successful and last, business needs to focus on ways that they can grow and mature. According to the Small Business Administration (The SBA), close…

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Distinguishing Between “Urgent” and “Important”

“What is important is seldom urgent, and what is urgent is seldom important.” –Dwight D. Eisenhower A powerful statement that is all too true. The clearer the line is between urgent and important, the smoother your event planning will be. For example, if you’re planning a bride’s wedding, everything is considered important, and with good…

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Stay Flexible & Adaptable

“The art of life is a constant readjustment to our surroundings.”–Kakuzo Okakaura No matter how organized and prepared you are, sometimes you just can’t avoid the fact that event planning is an unpredictable business. There will always be tasks and obstacles that pop up along the way; the best way to handle these unforeseeable moments…

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Close The Day!

By: Event Planners Association | Date: 04/03/2017 Event planning can easily feel like a 24/7 job, especially if you aren’t stern and diligent about placing a hard stop to your work day. Doing so not only gives you time to decompress, but it also allows you to reflect on the day’s work. This may sound like…

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Prioritize Your Deadlines

By: The Event Planners Association | Date 03/29/2017   Whether you are a self-employed event planner or an employee of an event planning company, you have a TO-DO LIST full of all kinds of different tasks that are fighting for attention. It may include finalizing a project for one client, working on an estimate for…

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