ClubHouse 1/7 Summary

If you missed out on our session yesterday, you are going to want to head over to Clubhouse as soon as possible. Unfortunately, we can’t record the call, so here is a brief summary of what you missed out on!

Yesterday’s session was all about how to grow your event business into a 6 figure business. Tip one was you must always have a roadmap for your business. Let’s say your goal is to make 50,000 this year, you have to know how many events you have to book to make that $50k. That number of events is now your goal for the year, don’t stop until you make it there!

Once you figure out step one, step 2 is to look at your calendar and see what months you can make this happen. If you live in a typhoon area or an area with heavy rainfall, chances are you aren’t going to book during those months. Block off those months and plan vacations or working on your business backend during that time. Those are the months you should be deep-diving into leads and trying to get sales.

Studies show that potential clients have to see you or hear about you 20 times before they are ready book, whether that’s on Instagram or an ad!

Some great tips or ways to get leads from some of the members who joined us include:

  1. Visit hotels and speak to the sales managers you have worked with before. They can give you leads on what’s coming in or recommend you as a planner2.
  2. Connect with other local planners and become friends with them! If you are booked on a date, refer to the other planner. This way you can both build each other’s businesses up.
  3. Think of nontraditional places to get leads. Instead of a bridal show, check out a home show or a candle show where you can connect with different people and different types of clients you may not be reaching via typical wedding outlets.
  4. Get referrals, tell everyone about your business and tell past couples if you ever know someone who needs a planner send them my way. That’s an amazing way to gain leads.
  5. Have your elevator pitch ready and voice message it to potential clients. That way people get to learn more about you and the services you offer.  Clubhouse is an amazing app to do this on and voice notes are more personable than sending texts.
  6. When looking for leads, offer a way out. Say “if you know someone who would be interested in my services send them my way”. That way they don’t feel that they’re being “sold to” and you can get more leads.

Those are just a few of the juicy tidbits we talked about on Clubhouse. If you aren’t on Clubhouse, sign up now so you can make it into the next call. Since Clubhouse is in beta testing, please note it’s only for iPhone users at this time.

What was your favorite tip from the call?