ClubHouse App

If you haven’t heard about the app Clubhouse, it’s time you keep your eye out for it (or should I say, “ear” for it 😉

The app is currently in Beta testing for iPhone users and it allows users to drop into any room and chat about any topic imaginable! To get into ClubHouse, you either must sign up for a username and wait until you get let in (they let people in groups) or you can find a friend or someone with an invite who can let you in and sign you up! Right now people only have one invite to get in, so make sure you are fast if a friend signs up and ask them if they have an invite!

The fun thing about the app is that there are so many million-dollar speakers and CEOs on the app whom you can listen to and learn from as well as asking them questions directly. As a user, you have access to just drop in and listen to these people speak about how they market and how they made millions of dollars.

Some notable people on the app are Lee Richter, Kevin Harrington from Shark Tank, the singer and so many other notable people.

Clubhouse really is an amazing way to connect with other Event Planners and potential clients. When Clubhouse does launch to the world officially, you are going to wish you joined sooner and had more chances to speak.

If you do have a ClubHouse app, the Event Planners Association will be on tomorrow Thursday, January 7th at 12 pm PST to talk about Building Your Event Business to 6-figures and Beyond with Lee Richer, Larissa Banting and Tori Chellis.


Article by: Tori Chellis