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Discover the Secrets Of The World's Most Successful Marketers

 "Your success depends on you. When you can model your marketing efforts after the most successful marketers, you can shortcut your way to the top."


To Stand Out, You Need to Be Equal Parts Event Planner and Marketer

You may have gotten into event planning because you love the details, or because you're passionate about creating an event that someone will remember for the rest of their life.

What you may not realize is that to be profitable, you have to be equal parts event planner and marketer.

Ignoring this fact can set you back years, prevent you from making the money you deserve, and take the joy out of having your own business. If you can fall in love with marketing, you'll save yourself from years of disappointment, impossible clients, empty appointment books, and feeling worn down.

The sooner you realize this, the sooner you can rocket your way to the top of your industry.

And the good news is that you don't have to do it alone.

We have interviewed the world's leading marketers to give you a behind the scenes look at their strategies for standing out and attracting your dream clients.

It’s absolutely true that learning from the experts is the best way to fast track yourself to success.


That’s Why We Created CREATIVE MARKETING FOR EVENT PLANNERS To Stand Out, You Need to Be Equal Parts Event Planner and Marketer

You’ll Discover Expert Advice from Industry Experts, Including:

● The #1 Way to Get More Business
● The Secret to Being Better at Sales
● The Crucial Mindset Shift That Can Double Your Income
● How to Establish Yourself as an Industry Expert
● How to Work Exclusively With Your Dream Clients
● How to Charge Triple For What You're Already Doing


Meet The Expertsdoberman-danDoberman Dan:

A master online marketer who has built and sold multi-million dollar businesses, helped clients increase

their sales 1,300% in 3 months, and is one of the most sought-after marketers in the world.





Andy Paul

A master sales trainer who consults with Fortune 1000 companies and multi-million dollar organizations, and has

successfully sold in every corner of the globe by thinking differently and selling differently.





 Ben Settle

A world leader in copywriting who has earned his clients tens of millions of dollars in the most competitive industries.




A special BONUS interview with a surprise guest

who has mastered the four-hour work week, and is a mentor to some of the world's most successful online marketers.




Here’s What People Are Saying…

12961519_137915509940975_5961683979629289242_n“Creating Marketing for Event Planners has changed my business. I used to struggle to find clients, and when I did, they were demanding and impossible to please.

Using the techniques I learned in this series helped me attract the RIGHT clients, earn triple for the same type of work, and have more fun doing it. The best part is, I felt appreciated by my clients!

I have to admit that I was a bit skeptical that I could get into marketing, but I used what I learned and found 2 new clients within a few weeks of implementing these tips. I highly recommend this series.”

Kristi - Oakland, CA


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