Establish Your Goals & Vision

By: Event Planners Association | Date: 03/27/2017

When you’re a successful event planner, attending to all the small details of an event is part of your magic sauce. That is exactly why event professionals suggest that before planning anything, the planner should clearly articulate the purpose of the event, who it’s for, their vision for the event, and the end goal.

Having this foundation in place will make decisions down the road much easier because you’ll always be able to check if they align with your overall goals; and, you’ll end up leaving more time for all those details that make your attendees “Ooh and Ahh”.

“It’s easy to get distracted the thousands of details that come with event planning. But if you establish clear goals from the beginning, the rest of the planning becomes much easier.”–Rachel, Customer Success Manager at Bizzabo.

An event vision is an idealized picture of the event outcome which expresses the event’s reason for existence. Make it easily understandable to everyone. No one likes complicated and overly sophisticated sentences. Also, make sure that it challenges and inspires people to go the extra mile.

Having a vision statement for your event can be a huge driver for the whole process of organizing.If you have a team, it keeps everyone on the same page and lets them know which facets of the event they will be accountable for and how they can contribute to the team’s overall vision. French poet Anatole France said it best:

“To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream. Not only plan but also believe.”

Remember, a good event vision reflects the capabilities and competencies of those who are organizing the event.

Do you already have a vision for your next event? If so, share it with us in the comments section below!