How To Grow Your Customer Base

By: Event Planners Association | Date: 04/12/2017


When you are a small business owner/entrepreneur, it’s imperative to find ways to grow existing customers. One key driver of growth is the value your company places on its customers. Staying in constant contact with potential and existing customers adds more value to your business and builds customer loyalty. With a 5% increase in customer retention you can increase your customer value by 75%. The challenge is how to improve your retention by 5%.

Below are 5 simple ways to bring in more customers and increase your customer base.


1. Offer a free newsletter

Offering a free newsletter informs potential customers that you are willing to provide free information from the start. If you provide good content, customers will know more about your business.

2. Ask for opinions

Surveys are a great way of asking a customer how they felt about their online and offline experiences. You can use a survey to conduct industry research or get feedback on customer experience and/or satisfaction.

3. Keep up and maintain excellent customer support and service

A customer who contacts customer support for their first order is just as important as a customer who contacts customer service about their tenth order. Maintaining happy customers increases the likelihood of that customer sharing their positive experience with 3 other people. Additionally, you can and should keep track of previous customer communications through tools such as s CRM software.

4. Keep your website content fresh

Fresh and informative content is one of the main elements that pull in new visitors and potential customers. Keep your content fresh by publishing a blog that reports the latest business news, key takeaways from whitepapers, or hot topics within your industry. Fresh content will also help your website be found in search engines.

5. Promote your business on social media networks

Facebook users have an average of 229 friends. When you create new content, launch a new product or run a new campaign, be sure you share this across the social media channels you are active in. There is no easier way to grow your customer base than providing value and then having your customers promote your brand for you on social media.

Building a solid customer base

Marketing is the art of attracting and keeping customers. If building a solid customer base for your product or service is what you are looking to achieve in 2017, implementing the five steps above will greatly increase your customer database in a short period of time.

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