Karwanna Dyson – Government Contracts Interview

If you are looking for additional income, government contracts can be an amazing opportunity for you. Join the Event Planners Association On November 17th at 12pm PST/ 3PM EST to learn more about how government contracts can benefit you and your business. Here’s an interview with Karwanna Dyson so you can see what to expect at our masterclass.


Tell me about yourself and your business?

I’m Karwanna D., Certified Business Coach and Government Contracts Strategist. I’m the owner of She’s Got Goals, LLC, a small business coaching and consulting firm

designed to help women start and grow their businesses successfully. Over the past few years, I’ve helped women and minority small business owners generate millions of dollars in business revenue by teaching them how to sell their business services to the US Government though my flagship program “Trillion Dollar Government Contracts Accelerator”

I’m a 20+ year vet in business, a mom and literally I’ve been able to grow my business from a struggling small business, barely making ends meet and left with zero options after divorce, to building two multiple six-figure businesses simultaneously and teaching others how to do the same. 


What are government contracts?

Government contracts are one of the biggest kept secrets designed to help empower small businesses owned by women, minorities, lgbtq business owners, disabled veterans and other traditionally marginalized disadvantaged groups… to grow their business with multiple 5, 6 and 7 figure contracts so they can have consistent, sustainable income, regular paying customers and get paid top dollars for their business services. 


In my ebook “Trillion Dollar Secret to Government Contracts”, I explain how the US Government has a mandated obligation to award a certain % of their trillion dollar spend on products and services to small businesses of these particular social economic disadvantaged groups, which has led many small businesses to significantly increase their business revenues, build capacity, become employers of tomorrow and to become more competitive in the marketplace. 


How did you get involved in government contracts?

I actually stumbled upon this big secret after years of struggling to make ends meet as a small business owner. I struggled to get regular paying customers and of course during the most challenging time of my life when I was going through my divorce, all I had was this broken business to lean on and I was determined to make it work so that I could provide for my children without having to go back to a traditional 9-5 job. At that time, I was doing freelance work here and there and one of my clients just happened to be a government contractor who was an African American man that was able to build a multi-billion dollar business in the inner city and I simply asked him how he did it. That was when I first learned about government contracts and once I positioned my business to become a contractor myself, that was when I landed my first $70,000 contract for just 28 days of work. 

To me, that was one of the most powerful decisions I had ever made in my business and I’ve never looked back. Since then I have been helping, coaching and teaching several other women and minority small business owners across the US how to sell their services to the US Government. It has proven to be a foolproof way to grow a small business, even in times of pandemic. 



How are government contracts useful to event professionals?

 Of course there are contracts for just about everything. Event planning is one. 

According to USASpending.gov, the US Federal Government has spent over $90M per year in Event Planning services of which more than 23% was awarded to women and minority small business owners. That doesn’t include what’s being spent on the state and local levels. 

With that said, if you’re an event planner and you’re not currently doing business with the government, you are leaving millions of dollars on the table every single year. 

When you think of government, of course naturally you wouldn’t think the government would be a potential client, but if you put into perspective that there are several ribbon cutting events, inauguration, award, special ceremonies….etc. then it helps to make the idea realistic and the idea of that is backed by real data and proven contracts. 


Also, event planners can not only get paid for planning events, but for every single aspect of their event planning services, which may include, decorations, entertainment, catering, security, venues, audio, lighting….. you get the drift. 


 What are you looking forward to for the masterclass on November 17th?

 I’m really looking forward to sharing my knowledge, experience and information that I know for a fact can empower and impact those who will be in attendance. 

I share this information because government contracting changed my life, it’s changed the lives of many of my clients and I know there are still small business owners out there who have absolutely no clue that this is even possible. 


  Can you tell me about the offer you have for the group?

QualifyforGovernmentContracts.com is where you can go to learn more about government contracts and how it works. You can also learn about my 6 week coaching program where I help you get started with government contracts as a small business owner with a step by step blueprint that will help you be successful, even if you’ve never done this before. If you come to the EPA class I have a freebie offer for all of you! I will be offering a 17 minute free training, a companion guide and govcon strategy call at qualifyforgovernmentcontracts.com just for

showing up!


 If you are interested in learning more about government contracts please join us on November 17th