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6 Legal Steps When Starting Your Business
Are you setting up an event-planning business but are lost when it comes to legal requirements? Having a name, vision,[...]
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7 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Event Planning Website
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7 Ways Difficult Clients Make You a Better Event Planner
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8 Tips for Dealing with Hostile Clients
Have you ever had to deal with a client who is rude, disrespectful and aggressive? Have you been intimidated and[...]
7 Tips for Dealing with a Bridezilla
Have you signed a contract with the client of your dreams who later turns into your worst nightmare? Are you[...]
7 Signs You Have A Bridezilla on your Hands
Are you always hearing about brides who become bridezillas but not sure how to know if one of your clients[...]
6 Things to avoid to be a better salesperson
An overlooked area of an Event Planning Business is … Selling. Maybe you’re in a position to be able to[...]
6 “Be’s” For Snagging Your Event Planning Clients
You're here because you want success in the event planning business, don't you? Of course! Why else would you be[...]
6 Tips To Get New Clients During An Event
Are you planning an event and want to know how you can get more clients during the event? Are you[...]
10 Don’ts When Planning a Corporate Event
Managing a corporate event is very intensive and stressful. It is very easy to neglect certain elements of the planning[...]
5 Common Mistakes You Should Avoid as a Corporate Event Planner
Are you wondering what NOT to do when planning a successful corporate event? Corporate events have a lot at stake.[...]
10 fall wedding dress trends that every bride needs to know about
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10 Pumpkins Ideas for Your Fall Wedding
Do you want to include pumpkins in your fall wedding but not sure how to not make it spooky? Yes,[...]
6 tips that will help you build your network
Do you have the expertise and credentials to build your business but don’t know how to start to build your[...]
6 reasons why networking is important
Do you wonder why people think building a network is beneficial to your business? Are you not sure whether networking[...]
5 tips on writing a letter for a vendor discount
Do you need to write a letter to negotiate the best price from a vendor? A meeting might not always[...]
7 Priceless Tips To Use When Negotiating Prices with Vendors
Do you have to strike a deal with a vendor but aren’t confident in your negotiation skills? It can be[...]