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Karwanna Dyson – Government Contracts Interview
If you are looking for additional income, government contracts can be an amazing opportunity for you. Join the Event Planners[...]
Thanksgiving 2020 Edition
Thanksgiving 2020 Edition This Thanksgiving will be a little different from previous years. Typically, Thanksgiving is a Holiday you celebrate[...]
Things to carry in your Emergency Bag – Event Planner Edition
Things to carry in your Emergency Bag - Event Planner Edition By: Tori Chellis   If you are an event[...]
EPA Member Spotlight with Melissa Banks
Today’s blog is a spotlight on one of our fabulous EPA members. Melissa Banks truly is an inspiration to the[...]
8 Ideas on how to celebrate Halloween this year
8 Ideas on how to celebrate Halloween this year                      [...]
Bots with RJ
Please join us for an EPA membership exclusive class with RJ Redden on October 13th. To prepare for the class[...]
7 Charming Ideas for Planning an Easter Party
Is your client looking for some charming ideas for their Easter party? Well, the Easter season is fast approaching and[...]
5 tips for how to include pets in a wedding
Are your clients animal lovers and want to include their pets in their wedding? Are you unsure what steps you[...]
10 Tips For Planning a Desert Wedding in Vegas
Are you breaking a sweat because your client wants a desert wedding? Planning a desert wedding might seem like a[...]
5 tips for creating the perfect wedding seating plan
Do you need some advice on how to set up the optimal wedding seating plan for your clients? Having a[...]
Top 10 wedding cake trends for 2020
Do you have weddings to plan for clients next year and are looking to put together a list of cake[...]
10 Best Wedding Table Decoration Ideas
You have taken care of the bigger details of your clients’ wedding, now you need to take care of the[...]
7 tips for stress-free party planning
Parties are usually times of fun and celebration. But for party-planners, it can be a source of stress and anxiety.[...]
10 tips for making event planning less stressful
Do you find yourself feeling stressed out when you are planning events? Are you looking for ways to reduce your[...]
6 Legal Steps When Starting Your Business
Are you setting up an event-planning business but are lost when it comes to legal requirements? Having a name, vision,[...]
6 Effective Ways To Get More Testimonials
Are you searching for ways to get more testimonials for your business? Every event planner knows that testimonials are the[...]
How to Build Your Event planning Website With WordPress in 7 steps
Have you set up your event planning business and now need to set up a website? Are you wondering on[...]
7 Reasons Why You Should Use WordPress for Your Event Planning Website
Do you keep hearing about WordPress and are not sure if it might be right for eventplanners? Are you always[...]
7 Ways Difficult Clients Make You a Better Event Planner
You will inevitably encounter some difficult clients in your career. It might make you wonder if the event planning business[...]