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6 tips that will help you build your network
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6 reasons why networking is important
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5 tips on writing a letter for a vendor discount
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7 Priceless Tips To Use When Negotiating Prices with Vendors
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10 Common Mistakes Mentors Say Event-repreneurs Make
Want to turn your event planning hobby or side hustle into a thriving business? You’re an “Event-repreneur”. The key to[...]
5 Creative Ways to Get More Clients
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5 Fall Wedding Ideas That Won’t Hurt Your Budget
Is your fall wedding dream turning into an expensive nightmare? Let us help you breathe a little easier with these[...]
9 Ideas For A Fun Fall Wedding
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5 Mistakes Wedding Planners Make
Do you pay the same love and care when building your business that you do when planning events for your[...]
5 Mistakes Wedding Planners Would Not Make At Their Own Weddings
You’re anxious and jittery about every little thing, constantly on edge wondering what will go wrong… You’re the bride and[...]
7 Tips For Marketing Your Event Business On Social Media
Did you know that with over 3 billion social media users in 2019, consumers EXPECT businesses to be active on[...]
5 Tips to Market Your Event Planning Business
Are you lost when it comes to marketing your event planning business? How can you have a successful business if[...]
7 Low Cost Ways to Surprise and Delight Your Clients
It’s easy to build a great business and provide a client with a great product, but it takes an added[...]
The 10 Elements of Surprise and Delight
Surprising and delighting your clients is about providing the quintessential customer experience. It is more than offering discounts and freebies.[...]
Client Satisfaction vs Client Delight
Are your clients satisfied, or are they delighted? While they might sound one and the same to most, there is[...]
6 Tips for Planning The Perfect Summer Wedding
Weddings can be planned for any time of the year. There is something about summer weddings that are very popular[...]