Code of Ethics

    1. To provide the highest level of customer service to members seeking assistance.

    2. To provide the highest levels of quality and value on products and services.

    3. To provide a support system for small business owners through our areas of expertise.

    4. To build a network of professionals who work in harmony to uphold a standard of excellence in their respective industries.

    5. To educate event and amusement professionals in specific skill sets which promote a standard of excellence and spur growth within their businesses.

    6. To educate the consumer on the value and necessity of hiring an educated/certified/insured event or amusement professional.

    7. To create a successful and relevant resource system for amusement industry professionals to include safety education, networking, regional tradeshows, and regulatory development.

    8. To initiate a standardizing effect on the industries we represent.

    9. To bring the EPA, its principals, services and networking opportunities to event and amusement professionals throughout the world.