Outline Your Day

It’s our M.O. as event planners to be overly organized… everybody knows this.

Why leave room for error when you can outline your job every step of the way? 

Outlines are needed for a variety of things. They help make things easier and organized — which lessens the chance for error.

Here are 10 reasons why you need to start outlining your day if you aren’t already.

  • It makes planning easier. When you go to sit down to work, you know exactly what parts of needs to get done. And remember, just because you have an ordered outline, you are NOT committed to working it in order. You can start anywhere.


  • It makes taking action easier. Events that have structure make clients happy and are easy for them and their attendees to comprehend.


  • It makes your event memorable. Clients will remember your event when there is a structure attached to it. It makes smaller details more memorable and leaves your attendees with a feeling of bliss.


  • It helps ensure you are thorough. If you have an outline, you won’t accidentally omit something vital to your event or event goal.


  • It helps limit continuity errors. While thoroughness refers to ensuring that all important vendors, venues, materials, and details are included in your event, continuity refers to ensuring your creativity and planning follow a logical sequence. An outline can help you see the continuity of your event before planning it.


  • It helps ensure your event has symmetry. Symmetry means that all the assembled parts of your event have a “shape” when pieced all together.


  • It helps ensure your event has balance. A good outline can help you see if some parts of your event are less substantial than others. A well-balanced event is organized in such a way that the creativity and planning are balanced both in quantity and in quality against each other.


  • It helps keep you focussed. When you have an outline (and stick to it). Not that you can’t use great idea along the way, but if the outline is there, you can see how these new ideas fit into your original intention.


  • It helps to motivate you. When you have an outline, you see yourself making progress and ticking off the “boxes”, so to speak.


  • It helps you develop a habit. Once something is a habit it comes more naturally and almost effortlessly. Leaving you with nothing but your A-game to bring to your events.


So what do you think? Are outlines necessary? Are they liberating, doorways to creativity or just plain restrictive strangle-holds? Please share your tricks of the trade with readers by leaving a comment below.