Planning Events in the age of Coronavirus

We live in a world where things are so unpredictable right now due to the Coronavirus. Government policies and rules for events are changing daily, making it tricky to know how to handle your business or learn how to adapt your business. Here, then, are a few suggestions to help you navigate safely during these troubled times.


Step 1: Always make sure you have a backup in place. Doing so will ensure you’re ready for anything the government throws your way with new regulations. Make sure your plans include face masks, capacities, social distancing, hand sanitizer, and hand washing stations so guests feel comfortable that proper hygiene precautions are in place.


Step 2 Make sure you are constantly checking your county and state’s local rules and regulations for events. While some states are able to have events, some counties aren’t, for example, certain counties in California are still only allowing a max of 10 people at an event. You don’t want to break regulations and be known as the planner that doesn’t follow the rules.


Step 3: See if the event can be virtual. It’s going to be a while before many people feel comfortable enough to travel again. One way you can make an attendee feel acknowledged is to host the event via Zoom. While it may not be the same as a face to face event, at least the attendee will feel comfortable to participate in the space of their own house.


Step 4 : Catering: When having an event during the pandemic, self-serving buffet stations are out. The last thing you want is for 100 guests to touch the same utensils. Make sure all catered functions are plated or make sure only one server is working the buffet and touching the utensils the entire time. This will greatly reduce the spread of germs.

Step 5: If you are allowed to have an event one thing you can look into is having guests sign a waiver. This will take all the liability off you so you won’t be sued if someone does become ill.


If you are looking to pivot your business during these strange times to being more virtual, look into systems you can put into place. Asana, Zen Desk, All Seated, Many Chat, and Zoom are great tools to learn. Zoom can help you grow your event even bigger than before.

Article By: Tori Chellis