Thanksgiving 2020 Edition

Thanksgiving 2020 Edition

This Thanksgiving will be a little different from previous years. Typically, Thanksgiving is a Holiday you celebrate with all your friends and family under one roof. This year, however, we all should probably scale back on our usual festivities. Coronavirus numbers are expected to grow higher during flu season – do you really want grandma to get covid because you had too many friends and family over for one day? Probably not.

Here are some ideas you can try and implement this year. While it may not be your usual large party, it’s okay to scale back sometimes (especially this year).

Virtual Thanksgiving

Do you still want to interact with your closest friends and family? Hosting a Zoom party will allow you to still be around the ones you love and care for this Thanksgiving. Whether you set them up near you on the dinner table or eat dessert with them via Zoom, friends and family can still be there virtually on this special day. One way you could include your friends and family is to cook your favorite dishes or desserts and arrange a contactless drop off. That way you can still have Aunt Sally’s famous Pumpkin Pie while your friends and family enjoy your side of stuffing.

Send Food

If you know someone who’s had a rough year, maybe lost a job and can’t afford to have a Thanksgiving meal? One way you can help them is by ordering a meal and sending it to their home. Many restaurants have promotions where they’ll cook everything for you and have it dropped off. If grandma is stuck in the nursing home and can’t leave because of COVID, I’m sure she would love a nice turkey meal to enjoy on Thanksgiving. Plus, you’re supporting restaurants, who are still recovering after months of being locked down. Tis the season of giving!

Host Thanksgiving Outside

If you live in a warmer climate and still want to throw a small socially distanced party, a great way to do so would be to host Thanksgiving outside. If you’re doing a potluck, let your guests know the set up ahead of time so they can be prepared for the great outdoors. Having chafing dishes with warmers, a hand sanitation station and have outdoor heaters in case it gets chilly – all things that will help guests avoid falling ill. Be sure to have tables called up one by one to ensure people can still social distance while getting food. Another way to have less people touching items is to delegate one server and have them wear gloves while serving. Before you host this party please tell guests to stay home if they aren’t feeling 100% as one sick guest could ruin the entire party.

Donating/ Volunteering

This year there are record amounts of people in homeless shelters, or people lining up for food pantries. If you feel comfortable volunteering your time this Thanksgiving, you really will be making a difference. Even if you are just dropping off food items to the local food pantry on your way to your Thanksgiving celebration, you will be providing joy for so many families. Thanksgiving is one meal they shouldn’t have to worry about. Check out your local shelters to see what items they are collecting.

Online Shopping

While Black Friday is supposed to start on Friday, we know there will be deals available on Thanksgiving Thursday. A lot of stores will be going virtual this year for their sales. Avoid going to crowded mall where you could potentially get sick. If you do plan on going out, call stores ahead of time to see if they  will be open, and inquire how they will be handling social distancing.

These are all great options to celebrate safely this year. If you are planning on celebrating Thanksgiving this year with a ton of people, consider getting the flu shot. That way if you get sick it won’t be as severe as it could have been! How will you be celebrating this year? Comment below.

Article By: Tori Chellis