The 10 Elements of Surprise and Delight

Surprising and delighting your clients is about providing the quintessential customer experience.

It is more than offering discounts and freebies.

You’ll need to employ some basic, not-as-obvious elements to really surprise and delight your clients.

Here’s a list of 10 of these elements that are sure to amaze them.

  1. Consistency

Client delight techniques should be used throughout your business.

From the way you market your product or service, to the way you bill a client, to the attitude of your staff; the experience should be consistent.

If it isn’t, the experience feels broken.

  1. Timeliness

Okay, so maybe this one is a bit obvious, but it is very important.

Be on time and stick to committed deadlines. If possible, try to be early with your delivery.

Don’t give a competitor even the slightest chance to step in.

  1. Truthfulness

Don’t let the fear of losing a client or revenue make you deceive a customer or try to put a spin on what is actually happening.

This is a sure way to lose a client’s trust.

Be upfront about any issues and keep them in the know of how you are dealing with them.

  1. Sincere Apologies

Being a successful business doesn’t mean that need to be perfect.
Companies are just people and people make mistakes.
It’s the way you address these hiccups that matters.

If you give a sincere apology, then you can placate even the most annoyed client.
If you have been consistently exceeding a client’s expectations, they would even be more forgiving.

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Don’t just talk the talk but walk the walk by backing that apology up with action.

  1. Listening

Employ the 80/20 rule. Listen to the client 80% of the time and talk 20%.

Your business is all about the client so never ignore feedback. In fact, share clients’ insights across your company.

Clients stick with businesses that listened to them. You can build relationships and even find new opportunities to build your business.

  1. Foreseeing needs

You don’t have to be clairvoyant, but if you’re truly listening to your clients you can predict their needs and issues and stay one step ahead.

Which client wouldn’t be surprised and delighted by a company reading their minds?

  1. Empathy

If you want happy clients, then empathy needs to be an integral part of your business.

Not only will it help you understand your clients’ needs so that you can make modifications to your offerings, but it helps you to treat your clients with care and dignity.

You might have policies in place but allow for a certain amount of flexibility since each client’s situation is different.

  1. Empowered Employees

You can’t start delighting your external clients if you don’t first delight your internal clients – your employees.

Happy employees = happy customers. You clients will never be loyal to your company if your employees aren’t. Empower employees with the tools and authority to improve your client’s experience.

Create a surprise and delight culture by explaining to employees why it is important to surprise and delight clients and celebrate them when they do.

  1. Simplicity

No client will feel surprised and delighted if they don’t understand the approaches you’re using to convey this.

Make all facets of your business simple enough so that it reduces issues and increases the chances of your clients meeting their goals.

A delighted client is definitely not a confused client.

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  1. Respect of Space

Don’t bombard your clients with emails and phone calls, this can become quite frustrating.
You might think you are helping your client but could instead be creating a burden.

Try to think like a client. Contact them only when you have valuable, important information. You should cater and not clutter.
Most businesses might adopt two or three of elements, but what would happen if you try to utilize all 10?

You would surely give your clients an “WOW!” experience.

Do you have your own methods of surprising and delighting your clients? Share them with others in the comments below.