Top 10 wedding cake trends for 2020

Do you have weddings to plan for clients next year and are looking to put together a list of cake options? Are they a couple who would like a cake that will be trendy in 2020?

Well here is a list of the top 10 wedding cake trends for 2020.

  1. Bright & Bold

Couples have been pushing the envelope when it comes to traditional wedding trends. This includes their cake. No longer are they opting for the simple cake in pastel or white hues. Instead, they are going to wedding cakes that are bright and bold.

They are asking their event planners to find creative ways to get these colorful and dramatic finishes. Even naked cakes have a statement piece of bright flowers or fruits.

Some of the other cake trends in this list also incorporate this bright and bold concept. Read on to see which ones.

  1. Avant-Garde

And what can be bolder and more dramatic that an avant-garde cake? These cakes are as unorthodox as they come. They are more experimental and out of the box. Sometimes, the decorations used are not even edible.

Anything goes in an avant-garde cake. They are really cutting-edge, just as a cake should be because how else would you get a slice?

  1. Flowerfetti

Floral cakes are more in line with what you would think is a traditional wedding cake. But again, your clients will want to take a bolder approach to the use of flowers on their wedding cake.

Enter, flowerfetti cakes. Yes, these cakes are decorated with fresh, edible flowers scattered like confetti. But they are not as random as confetti. They are more strategically placed to give the confetti effect.

Remember that not all flowers should be eaten. So, use petals of flowers such as roses, marigolds, begonias, daisies, violas, and sweet violets.

  1. Hand-painted

What would look like a yummy treat to you might look like a blank canvas to cake artists. One of the latest trends in the wedding cake arena is hand-painted cakes. If your client is more on the artistic side, you can suggest this trend to them.

The great thing about hand-painted cakes is that you can put any picture or detail you want. It can go with any wedding theme.

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  1. Geode

This innovative trend takes things up a notch. Geode cakes are cakes that illustrate stunning rocks lined with crystals. They are inspired by actual geodes, which are hollow rocks filled with shimmering crystals and minerals. The cakes, however, are completely edible.

Bakers use rock candy to represent the crystals. The result is crystal clear – these types of cakes are a must-have for your more modern clients.

  1. Botanical-Themed

If your client would like their cake to look like it is one with nature, then they should consider a botanical-themed cake.

These cakes are decorated with earthier things like ferns and other greenery. It can work if you are going for a glamorous look or a more laid-back one. You will be surprised by how versatile greenery can be.

  1. Geometric and Mosaic

But perhaps your clients are more inspired by architecture and graphic forms. Then they might prefer a geometric or mosaic wedding cake. These cakes don’t stick to the usual round cake shape. They incorporate geometric patterns like squares, triangles, and even hexagons!

This adds a more exotic aspect to the wedding cake. The result is quite eye-catching and beautiful.

  1. Calligraphy/Chalkboard Wedding Cakes

Some of your clients might want a more personalized cake. They have the option of having a calligraphy or chalkboard one. These cakes include romantic messages, special quotes or phrases. Words that have special meaning to the couple. They are very touching and beautiful cakes.

  1. Vegan

While some clients are concerned about what is on their cake, there are many other health-conscious and environmentally-conscious clients who care about what is IN their cake.

The vegan lifestyle has become much more prominent in recent years. Thus, it is only natural that it would be a request at weddings today. Your clients might also be considering the dietary needs of their guests.

It was once difficult to get a wedding cake made without any eggs, milk, butter or cream. But bakeries are now finding ways to make delicious and beautiful vegan wedding cakes.

  1. Alternative

But maybe the cake is not your client’s thing. Then they shouldn’t get one just for tradition’s sake. This is their big day so it should be one that reflects them to the fullest.

People have gotten quite creative with their alternatives. They opt for donuts, pies, macaroons, cupcakes, cake pops, fruits. They even use pancakes or actual cheese! You have to hand it to humans, we can really get creative when we want to be.

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So what do you think? Are there any other types of cakes you think will trend in 2020? What types have your clients been asking for? Let us know in the comments!