Top Things to Avoid Posting on your Social Media

Ever wonder what you should, and should not be posting on social media? Read below for some tips:


We live in the age of digital and social marketing, one bad mistake on social media can cause you to lose out on customers!


Tip one:  Never post about Politics or  Religion

Even though we just went through an election, businesses should never post about politics, religion, or social choices. We live in a world full of different personalities, and expressing your beliefs can really rub people the wrong way. I know during the election we all unfollowed a few pages or people. You don’t want to lose out on customers because you chose to voice your opinion online. Sometimes it’s better to just keep this information to yourself.


Tip 2: Don’t Oversell

If all you are doing is constantly selling on your Instagram or Facebook page, people will be turned off and unfollow you. Make sure you are posting not only products, but try posting about yourself, your team, and other things that make you happy! 


Tip 3: Never post false Information and don’t rag on Competitors

As a business, you should be focused on only yourself. Not your competitors. Never drive traffic to your competitors, and never post false information. Not only can you get in trouble for slander, it’s just not worth your time! No one comes to your page looking for competitors. The point of your page is to promote yourself and your business!


Tip 4: Don’t Bash or comment rude Remarks to Customers

The last thing people want to see you do is replying to customer’s comments and being rude. Just delete the customer’s comments and move on! It’s not worth a bad reputation.


Tip 5: Make sure you Proofread everything

If you aren’t proofreading every post before it goes up…. What are you doing? It looks so unprofessional when your website and social media have grammar errors and incorrect spelling. Why would the client hire you when your attention to detail isn’t there? Your job as a planner deals with detail!!


Who else has seen some companies break the rules about posting? How did it make you feel?