Top Wedding Dates for 2021

Top Dates for 2021

Each year I always pull the calendar out and look at the dates for the year. I like to know and predict which weekends or dates will be popular for weddings and events.


With covid it will be interesting to see what dates remain popular, but here are some of the top dates for weddings in 2021. I predict a lot of busy weekends during the second half of the year!



1-1-21 New Years is always a popular day

1-2-21 A neat palindrome date

1-16-21 Falls on a holiday weekend



2-14-21  Valentines Day

2-20-21 A neat palindrome date

2-21-21 A neat palindrome date

2-28-21 It’s a leap year!



4-3-21 Who doesn’t want a countdown?



5-21-21 An easy to remember date

5-22-21 A date that’s already heavily booked in Southern California



6-20-21 Summer Solstice



7-03-21 Holiday weekend

7-04-21 What a cool way to celebrate!

7-18-21 18ths are always popular



9-04-21 Labor Day Weekend

9-05-21 Labor Day Weekend



Every weekend in October should be busy with so many brides pushing weddings back in 2020! October is a very popular month to get married.



11-21-21 a neat date!



12-11-21 Another neat palindrome

12-12-21 Another neat palindrome