Valentine Snacks Blog

Wow, it’s almost Valentine’s Day already! Didn’t January just fly by? It’s nice having months come and go quickly because that means we are closer to normalcy. February is one of the sweetest months as not only will 6 million couples get engaged that day, but the day is so filled with love and the stores are filled with sweet treats!

If you are hosting a party, here are some of the best sweet treats to have…

My go-to snack every year is cookies. Whether they are heart-shaped or decorated with colored frosting, cookies are always a hit at any social gatherings. What’s nice about cookies is that they have a variety of flavors to satisfy all taste buds.

Another classic snack to have at a Valentine’s themed party is Rice Krispie snacks shaped like hearts or fancied up with some sprinkles.

If you are having an all-girls party, one fun drink to serve is pink hot chocolate. If you live in a cold area, I promise you the kids will love this!

When you have a party you always have to cater to the healthy folks in the group. What other great way to do this than by having a fruit salad. I highly recommend taking the time to cut heart shapes out of the watermelon or pineapple for an added festive touch.

What’s one thing everybody loves? Chocolate! One snack you can make at home without much fuss is chocolate-covered strawberries. While they will take a little time to refrigerate and they may not be as pretty as in the stores, they’ll still be delicious and I promise you all of them will get eaten.

While every snacker has different tastes and preferences, these options provide something for almost everyone. What snacks will you be serving this year?