Valentine’s Day Packages for Event Planners

Valentine’s Day is the end of the busy engagement season and the start of our busy planning season. Over 40% of the years Proposals happen from December – February. Just on Valentine’s Day alone, 6 million couples will get engaged. 6 million! If you are an event planner or looking to get ready for the busy season, start getting ready now! There are so many extra packages you could offer for Valentine’s Day see below for ideas.


The first package you could offer your couple is an engagement package. Some men just need help when it comes to proposals, and who better to do that than an Event Planner? As Event Planners, we could dress up the space beautifully, and make sure everything goes smoothly. All the future fiance would have to do is show up! I’m sure a lot of men and their significant others would appreciate that!


A second option you could add on for Valentine’s is a floral package. If you know how to make floral arrangements, why not offer them? So many local shops get booked out a month in advance, why can’t you do them? Building a relationship with the fiance could help you in the long run when they need a planner!


Another package you could offer is to plan their Valentine’s Day Dinner/Day! Team up with local partners like restaurants and hotels and help them spruce up their space. I’m sure couples would love floral arrangements, candles, and flower petals. Not only will the restaurant and hotel get business, but they will also get a lot of exposure when the couple takes pictures. Maybe the hotel will even add you to their vendor list!


All you have to do is think creatively and the juices will start flowing! There are so many different ways to incorporate your business offerings on Valentine’s! Think of where you excel and bring in some extra money!


Who will be offering Valentine’s Day packages?


Article by: Tori Chellis