What It Takes to Succeed at Business Conference

What It Takes to Succeed At Business ConferenceIn the business world there are endless selections of business conferences potential delegates can choose to attend. In addition today, everyone’s diaries are busier than ever making it harder to get people away from their desk and out of the office. So how does the conference planner make sure their business conference stands out, is well attended and talked about long after it happens?

First of all it is essential that the conference organizer sends out invites well in advance so the delegates can ensure the event is in the diary. There are many ways to send an invite electronically these days but still a card invite which is personally addressed speaks volumes. The ceremony of opening an invite which has been specially sent to a guest is enjoyed by many and done right suggests a certain level of exclusivity which is an attractive element. In addition it is likely that this invite will sit on that persons desk until the event happens which is daily reminder of the conference and brand.

Moreover it is crucial to note that an online presence is essential, especially a website where delegates can find all of the information for the event. Alongside, sending email updates with exciting news worthy content such as an announcement of the speakers or a competition can really keep the conference at the forefront of everybody’s mind.

Another important element the conference planner should take in to account is the conference venue they choose. They are many run of the mill conference venues which are very functional and do what they say on the tin. However if the conference organizer puts a little more thought into this it can really add to the success of the event. First of all a venue which is easy to get too is important as this puts less pressure on the delegate’s attendance. Moreover if the conference is hosted in a venue which has a unique ‘pull’ can really add to the appeal of the conference and creates a sense of exclusivity. Alternatively a conference venue which can really in-body the theme of the event or inspire the delegates can be a good option. Lastly when it comes to conference venues it is important that it is on brand and matches the level of service and look of the company holding the event delivers.

Most importantly for a business conference it is crucial that the content delivered to the guests is informative, exciting and adds value to their job role or business. It is also important to think about the way this information is delivered, this needs to be efficient to convey the message but not too long winded, otherwise the delegates will just switch off. It is important also to keep things interesting starting with a well-planned presentation. But the conference planner can take this further by using animated and interesting speakers, the use of videos and interactive question times. In addition the technology can really help today with great tools such as the use of holograms, 3D mapping and a catch box- a microphone which can be thrown into the audience. Social networking can also be useful tool for the conference organizer as it is a great place to gather your delegate’s thoughts and can also help to reach those who could not attend on this occasion and encourage some to sign up for future events.
When the conference comes to a close it is also essential that the guests depart with a pack of information as reminder of what has been covered throughout the day or week. This can be a hard copy, USB or online but is an important tool, as it will help spread your message as often delegates will share their information with their peers. This increases your messages reach and again can also encourage others to attend future events.
Finally to be able to continue to create successful business conferences it is advisable that the conference planners ask the attendees for feedback. Once the information is received it needs to be analyzed and actions to be put in place ensuring the event evolves.
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