When will Life return to Normal?


When will life return to normal?


With rules and regulations changing every day and covid cases going up, it’s hard to know when life will return to normal.


We put together a few articles that may be great resources to look at for an idea of the impact of your business.


The Road Ahead: What’s In Store for the Events Industry in 2021 & Beyond | Part I: The Vaccine Cometh – Howardgivner.com




Fauci says US could see return to normal by next summer (medicalxpress.com)


If your couples are looking for a guide map on what to do the knot has an excellent article on what to watch out for or how to move.

How to Move Your Wedding Due to Coronavirus & COVID-19 (theknot.com)


While every article and person has different beliefs it’s truly going to depend on your area of the country and covid numbers. While we may not know when life officially will return to normal at least we have each other! Together we as a community will get through this and we will come out stronger than ever!


When do you anticipate weddings returning to normal?