Why a multi-channel marketing strategy is a must for event apps


3When it comes to an event app marketing strategy planners range from – “we’ll tell them at the event” to “we have a marketing plan kicking off 3 months prior to the event with targeted messages via multiple channels”. Who do you think gets the higher adoption rate? No surprises here – the latter.


Attendees need to hear about the app many times: According to the famous marketing rule of 7, they need to hear (and/or see visuals) of the event app many times before they download it. This means you’ll want to start early so there is enough time to send multiple messages to your attendees before the event.


Why does your event app need a multi-channel marketing strategy?

No one channel is the ultimate channel for event app marketing. Below is a breakdown of the key channels and why any one of them will not suffice as a marketing outlet on it’s own.


  1. Posting to the website is too early: The first introduction to your event app should be along with the event on the registration page. This way attendees are thinking about the app when they think about the event. However, if they are registering months in advance, they may not be ready to download the event app right away. They’ll need reminders later on.
  2. Email messages can be missed: Since, 205 billion emails are sent a day, it’s easy for emails to get lost in the Inbox amongst the hundreds of other emails. A great tactic is to email the non-openers of a specific email the same message, with a different subject line, again a few days later.
  3. Not everyone is on social media: Only 33% of Americans have ever followed a brand on social media. This means on average 77% of your attendees are not listening to what you share on social media.
  4. Content is king but needs an army: We’ve all heard content is king but a good content strategy requires a distribution strategy for the content. That is, by default for content to be successful you’ll need to market it.
  5. In-person at the event is too late: Once your attendees are already at the event, they’ll expect the same old paper agendas they are used to. If you want to break this habit, you’ll want to highlight WIIFM (what’s in it for me?) much sooner and get them hooked to the event app. However, plan out some in-person marketing for those who haven’t downloaded it yet!


Want a multi-channel marketing strategy to get the word out about your event app through all of the above channels? Download this free Event App Marketing Guide.


About the author

Sweta is the Director of Marketing at Yapp, an easy-to-use, cost-effective and engaging mobile event app solution. Sweta has 6 years of experience with customer acquisition and retention for over 35 diverse products. In her current role, she helps professionals from small associations to large enterprises discover Yapp and create mobile apps for their conferences, meetings and internal communication.